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Warsaw. A city guard overpowered an aggressor who was attacking her neighbors

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A man broke into the property of a senior couple in Warsaw’s Targówek district. The intruder hanging around their house was noticed by a neighbor – a city guard, who managed to overpower him. The man was drunk.

Dusk was falling when one of the Ecopatrol officers was returning home in Warsaw’s Targówek district. While standing by the car, she noticed a suspicious man hanging around the house on the other side of the street.

She overpowered the intruder and led him out of the plot

– I know an elderly couple lives there. This man’s appearance and his behavior did not indicate that he could be their friend. I walked up and asked what he was doing. He replied that he had come to collect his things. I smelled alcohol on his breath. At that moment, a neighbor opened the door and shouted that a moment earlier a man had been knocking on her house – says the officer quoted in the release.

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The aggressor was overpowered by a city guard Municipal Police

The unwanted guest was asked to leave the property. He didn’t listen. The guard then called for backup, overpowered the intruder and led him out of the plot. The nearest patrol was on the neighboring street. A minute later, the guards were there.

“However, the brawler did not calm down. He became vulgar, aggressive and tried to invade the seniors’ property again. At that moment, another police car arrived at the scene. The man was overpowered again and in handcuffs was taken to the police car. A breathalyzer test showed that he had alcohol in his breath. three per mille of alcohol in the air. The intoxicated intruder was transported to the Capital Center for Intoxicated Persons,” the city guard concluded.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police

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