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Warsaw. A collapsed bridge on the Exhibition Canal. When is the renovation?

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Cyclists who pass it talk about a “thrill” or even that “this may be their last ride”. The bridge on the Exhibition Channel at the Kamionkowskie Lake is in a deplorable condition. Rust, crushed concrete, broken boards and an unsettling tilt – the appearance may be associated with the set design of films about Indiana Jones. But the townspeople do not want such adventures.

The Exhibition Channel connects the Kaminokowskie and Gocławskie Lakes. The bridge is closer to the former. There are plenty of walkers and cyclists in Skaryszewski Park. On one of the Facebook groups – Grochów Praga Południe – they write that the crossing requires immediate repair.

One of the residents mentions that last year there was a collision with the car there, which was to result in the disconnection of the railings and supports. There will be voices about the damaged structure, broken foundations and that the bridge has lowered on the Election Błonia side. Local residents speculate that the crossing may not survive the winter. “I cycle this way every day and I am always afraid that it will be the last time” – wrote one of the residents. “And the thrill of driving over it every day …” – added another.

On Tuesday, the condition of the bridge was checked by Mateusz Szmelter from tvnwarszawa.pl. – The stem is tilted. The concrete structure is sunken. Broken wooden elements also look dangerous. The bridge looks as if it is sticking only to the heating line that runs underneath – he described.

The cost of the renovation is at least three million zlotys

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The district office assures us that it is aware of the problem.

“The condition of the bridge on the Exhibition Channel is known to us and the Praga-Południe District Office has already checked the possibilities of its renovation. Unfortunately, it is not a simple matter – the renovation of the bridge requires agreements with Polish Waters or the Monument Conservator, but also with the Veolia company – because there is also a heating network “- Michał Szweycer from the district office wrote back to us when asked for a comment.

“All this means that, according to our estimates, the cost of such a renovation (together with the accompanying infrastructure) would be at least PLN 3 million, and its implementation – including the time needed for all arrangements – would amount to over a year” – he enumerated.

The official also added that in this year’s budget the district does not have sufficient funds to finance such a renovation. “We are trying to secure adequate funds in the next budget,” he assured.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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