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Warsaw. A dog locked in a cramped trunk. The police broke the car window

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In Warsaw’s Ursus, the inhabitants of one of the blocks heard barking from a parked car. It turned out that in a small trunk, with no access to water or food, there was a dog locked up. The owner of the car did not appear, and emergency services were called to the scene. The police decided to break the window to get the animal out

Peugeot with Belarusian numbers parked in the morning of March 12 in front of one of the buildings at the intersection of Świerszcza and Obywatelska streets in Ursus. After a few hours, residents of the block heard barking coming from the car. They tried to find out where the driver was on their own, but nothing came of it. The owner of the car is gone. So the residents called the police and the city guard for help.

The dog had been locked in the car for about 13 hours

We received the report around 10.30pm. When we arrived less than a quarter of an hour later, we learned from witnesses that the dog had been locked in the car for about 13 hours. Through the glass, it was visible that the husky dog ​​had no access to water or food. In the small trunk of the car, he could not change the position of the body – said senior insp. Tomasz Szymczak from ecopatrol.

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The police who arrived on the scene decided to break the window in the car door. The pet had a chip implanted, but it was not listed in the database. The city guards took the dog to the “Na Paluchu” shelter.

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Main photo source: Metropolitan Municipal Police

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