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Warsaw. A drunk man scared the passengers with a knife. The tram driver locked him in the tram

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City guards received a report of an aggressive man stabbing other tram passengers with a knife. Motornicza locked him in the wagon and left the train with other people. The aggressor was taken to the sobering-up center.

On Thursday evening, city guards received a report about a man lying on the tracks near the tram terminus in Gocławek.

– Upon arrival, they inspected the tracks and stops, but did not find the man. Employees in the building in the control room informed the guards that the man had got up a moment earlier and boarded the departing tram no. 24. The information provided showed that he was behaving aggressively and had a knife with him, which he used to scare passengers, reports Jerzy Jabraszko from the press section of the municipal police.


As he points out, the officers immediately followed the tram. Two stops away at the headquarters of the Main Street, they noticed standing warehouses. – People and a nervous motorman were nervously shuffling around one of them. There was a man inside the closed wagon. The woman informed that a moment earlier the passenger had been aggressive and scared others. The guards called for support and the driver asked to open the door to the wagon – explains Jabraszko.

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After boarding the tram, the officers cautiously approached the agitated man. – The aggressive passenger did not react to the command and did not want to leave the vehicle. He confirmed he had a knife “as everyone does” but refused to say where he hid it. After a while he was overpowered and led to a stop – describes the city guard.

A police patrol and public transport traffic supervision arrived at the scene. The man was taken to the Capital Center for Drunk Persons at Kolska Street.

We also informed about drunk driver in Wawer who hit the gate and the pole:

The driver hit the gate and the pole. He was drunk Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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