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Warsaw. A drunk teenager drank a bottle of vodka and fell asleep on the bus

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The bus driver found the teenager sleeping on the bus. He tried to wake him up, but to no avail. The city guards arrived. As it turned out, the 16-year-old boy was drunk. He had over 1.3 per mille in exhaled air.

The incident happened late Friday evening. City guards received a call to the bus terminus at Malborska Street in Targówek, where the driver could not wake up a drunk passenger. At the scene, the driver pointed to the officers a young man who was in a deep sleep.

After many attempts, the guards finally managed to wake him up. When the officers tried to lead the young man to the bus stop, he started waving his arms and tried to kick them. He was quickly overpowered.

Mother refused to come because she was drunk too

“Because the guards smelled alcohol from him, they asked how much he had drunk. He stated that he had drunk a bottle of vodka. The officers determined his data. They showed that he was only 16 years old,” the city guard informed.

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Police and an ambulance also arrived at the scene. The result of the breathalyzer test showed 1.3 per mille of alcohol.

The officers tried to call the teenager’s mother to the scene, but she refused because, as she stated, she was under the influence of alcohol herself. Eventually, an ambulance, assisted by the police, took the teenager to a children’s hospital.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police in Warsaw

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