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Warsaw. A drunk woman from the airport ended up in the sobering-up station

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The officers of the Warsaw-Okęcie Border Guard intervened against a rowdy woman on board a plane to Tallinn. It turned out that the Estonian woman was drunk. – Finally, the traveler was withdrawn from the cruise and went to the Capital Center for Intoxicated Persons at Kolska Street in Warsaw – Konrad Szwed from the press team of the Border Guard Headquarters said in a press release.

As described by the Swede, on August 14, officers from the Special Intervention Group from the Border Guard Post in Warsaw-Okęcie received a report from the airport duty officer about a woman on board a plane flying to Estonia. Upon arrival, the crew identified a woman who turned out to be a 40-year-old Estonian citizen.

She took a different place, she was aggressive

“According to the report of the cabin crew and the verbal statement of the captain of the ship, the passenger took the wrong seat in business class after boarding, did not respond to the crew’s commands, was aggressive and refused to take her seat. The Estonian was withdrawn from the cruise.

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The Swede added that the passenger refused to leave the plane. He emphasized that the officers called on the woman “to behave in accordance with the law and instructed her about the possibility of using direct coercion measures against her in the event of non-compliance with the orders given”.

She went to Kolska

“Unfortunately, the woman did not respond to the commands given, still refusing to leave the deck. Due to the non-compliance with the commands and resistance, physical force was used in the form of transport holds” – he noted.

Assisted by the officers, the woman was transported to the service premises, where she was tested for alcohol content in the exhaled air using a non-contact measuring device. “The result of two measurements, more than a quarter of an hour apart, showed 1.904 mg/l (about 3.9 per mille – ed.). Another measurement was made after 15 minutes – the result was 1.904 mg/l. her activities – was handed over to the city guard with the intention of placing it in the Capital Center for Intoxicated People at Kolska Street in Warsaw” – summed up the Swede.

The woman was fined PLN 500 for the offense committed.

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