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Warsaw. A female figure with the inscription “Glory” found in the former Brühl Palace

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The company Pałac Saski informs about further discoveries in the area of ​​the former Brühl’s palace. After the militaria and fragments of columns, archaeologists unveiled a fragment of a sculpture with the inscription “Glory”. Its post-war copy stands nearby, in the Saxon Garden.

Day after day, archaeologists working on the site of the former Brühl Palace discover more and more historical objects. On Thursday, during the work, they began to gradually reveal an object that no one expected here. Part of the sculpture was found, with the inscription “Glory” on the pedestal.

“The found lower part of the sculpture will now be the subject of an analysis that will determine its origin and decide whether it is a fragment of the Rococo original, or a 19th-century or later reconstruction,” the company wrote.

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Militaria and fragments of the facade

These are not all the finds in this area. While checking the area, sappers came across several cartridge cases for a Mauser rifle, coming from, among others from the State Ammunition Factory in Skarżysko Kamienna and the Norblin Factory in Warsaw. The finds were just below the surface of the grass, as was a metal fragment of an eagle, most likely from a soldier’s cap from World War II.

“To discover the next objects, excavators were needed – working under the strict supervision of archaeologists – as well as the strength of human hands and the most common tools at excavations, i.e. a spade and a brush” – informed the company.

The cellars of the palace at the corner of Fredry and Wierzbowa Streets were unearthed at a shallow depth. Among what they concealed, curiosity is aroused by a part of the base of one of the columns, a plaque with Roman numerals, fragments of facade decorations and a partially preserved niche of a bust, most likely from the front facade.

Sławomir Kuliński, spokesman for the Saski Palace company, says that during the last excavations, archaeologists found: a Polish general-military helmet wz. 31, a glass bottle of oil or alcohol (light green glass), a crystal inkwell from the 1920s, an orange medicine bottle with Varsovie embossed on it, or a men’s leather shoe from the occupation period. Some rooms, including a bathroom, have also been excavated.

Archaeological work on an area of ​​over four ares

The area around Brühl’s Palace, blown up in 1944 as part of the demolition of Warsaw, was cleared after World War II only to the ground level, the rest of the rubble was leveled, the area became a lawn, which over time was overgrown with several trees and shrubs.

For nearly 80 years, it has been a mystery what most of this area hides, apart from a small fragment of one of the annexes (from the side of the Saxon Garden) examined by archaeologists in 2006. At the beginning of June 2023, field work began to unravel this mystery – first the area was fenced off, then checked by sappers for the presence of unexploded ordnance, and now archaeologists are working here. The area of ​​over four ares will be examined by the end of this year.

– We will want to show the effects of these works to Varsovians as soon as possible by organizing an exhibition on the fence and an exhibition of the artefacts themselves, immediately after they have been secured by the State Archaeological Museum – Sławomir Kuliński told the tvnwarszawa.pl portal last week.

Main photo source: Saski Palace Company

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