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Monday, September 27, 2021

Warsaw. A fire at the historic Przyjaźń housing estate. The fire appeared in the former canteen. One injured person

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A fire broke out on the historic Przyjaźń estate in Jelonki on Friday evening. The apartment in the building of the former canteen burned down. The firefighters handed over one person to the care of paramedics. Seven hosts fought the fire.

Firefighters received a notification of a fire at Konarskiego Street at 19.30. As explained by Michał Wichrowski from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Warsaw, the fire appeared in a wooden residential and warehouse building. – The apartment was on fire, but it did not pass through the wall to the warehouse. After the first team arrived at the scene, the fire came out of the windows, and the image from the thermal imaging camera indicated that it could also go out to the attic. That is why a cut was made to extinguish the fire, the fireman relates.

Seven fire brigades and 29 firefighters worked on the site. The police, ambulance service and gas ambulance were also called. – One person was evacuated from the apartment. She was given first aid because she was complaining of certain ailments. Then the woman was handed over to the medical rescue team – adds Wichrowski.

The actions of the fire brigade lasted two and a half hours. The building was in the past the canteen of Osiedle Przyjaźń.


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Open-air museum in the middle of the city

The Przyjaźń estate is sometimes referred to as an open-air museum in the middle of the city. At the beginning of the 1950s, several dozen long, colorful wooden houses were built in Jelonki, whose architecture resembled country manor houses. At that time, mainly fields stretched out around it, although the village of Jelonki was officially incorporated into Warsaw. The buildings occupied 40 hectares and were originally used by the builders of the Palace of Culture and Science.

They had two types of painting: blue and white and red and white. There were pavilions for workers and single-family houses for staff. At the time when the Palace of Culture and Science was erected, the estate was surrounded by barbed wire and guarded by the army. It was also self-sufficient. The builders had a canteen, a cinema, a clinic, a library, a post office and a bathhouse. Festivals, academies, sports competitions and meetings of Soviet and Polish youth were held there.

After the completion of the works at the Palace of Culture and Science, the students took the place of the builders, and the estate was handed over by the city to the Ministry of Higher Education. About three thousand people lived there – students and research workers. It was at that time that the estate was given the name Przyjaźń.

The urban layout of the estate was included in the municipal register of monuments in 2015. Today, some of the buildings are still used by students. However, not all buildings managed to survive. There are also public buildings and the Karuzela Student Club in the estate.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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