Warsaw. A ghost bus towed away from the National Stadium


The devastated bus was towed from the parking lot on the grounds of the National Stadium – informed the Warsaw City Guard. The owner can pick it up from the escrow parking lot. It is unclear whether he will use this option.

“Every year, as a result of the activities of city guards, several thousand post-accident, damaged, rusty, forgotten and unused vehicles are removed from Warsaw, which disfigure the urban landscape, occupy parking spaces, and are sometimes dangerous to people and the environment. But such a gigantic specimen ' happens extremely rarely. A full-size city bus was hit by tow trucks,” city guards announced on social media.

Touched by vandals

“The vehicle stood forgotten on the grounds of the National Stadium until it was touched by vandals. The bus was scribbled with spray, some of the windows were broken and it became a threat” – they recalled the recent history of the bus.

The matter was handled by guards from the Environmental Protection Department. They contacted the owner of the vehicle. “Unfortunately, he was unable to organize transport for such a large vehicle. It was not an everyday challenge even for city services, but… we succeeded!” – boasted the city guards. “And if anyone asks – the bus is waiting to be picked up in a guarded deposit parking lot,” they concluded.

The bus played in commercials

We described the problem on tvnwarszawa.pl on Tuesday. The bus belongs to a private company that rented it to produce advertisements. Previously, the Solaris Urbino operated in the colors of the Krakow carrier Małopolska PKS. It stood in the parking lot on the grounds of the National Stadium for a long time until vandals and graffiti artists became interested in it.

Residents filed complaints to the Praga Południe district office. Officials forwarded them to the appropriate services, but the problem remained unresolved. The matter gained momentum after our publication.

Main photo source: City Guard in Warsaw

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