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Warsaw. A hole in Muranów. The asphalt hung in the air

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A hole on Wałowa Street worried one of the drivers. The hole wasn’t big, but danger lurked underneath. The water washed away the asphalt – the ground was only half a meter below.

Around 8.15 a.m. one of the drivers noticed a loss of asphalt on Wałowa Street. Driving into such a place could damage the rims. He reported the danger to the city guard’s emergency number 986. A patrol from the 1st Local Department arrived at the scene.

– When we arrived at Wałowa Street less than fifteen minutes later, the asphalt loss was not very large. However, we noticed that there was no soffit or soil under it. If a car hit it, the asphalt “hanging” in the air could collapse at any time. This threatened a serious catastrophe – said the city guards who intervened in a statement.

A half-meter hole

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The officers stopped traffic on one of the road lanes and fenced the endangered area with tape. They also called an ambulance. Upon arrival, emergency workers removed the damaged piece of asphalt.

“The soil under the road was washed out to a depth of about half a meter. Since there is a sewage manhole right next to it, road emergency workers concluded that the probable cause of the incident was a failure of the water main or sewage culvert,” described the city guard.

An ambulance from the Municipal Water and Sewage Company was called to the scene. The lane where the crash occurred was closed and crews began operations.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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