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Warsaw. A hole in Suchodolska Street. There was almost no ground under the cube

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An innocent-looking defect in the ankle on Suchodolska Street hid a significant danger. It turned out that the water had washed out the ground, causing a part of the road to hang over the hole. There was almost no ground under the cube.

Drivers who were driving along Suchodolska Street at the intersection with Aleja Washington on August 31 were not aware of the danger they faced. “One of the residents was vigilant and, seeing that one paving stone was missing, reported a hole in the road,” the city guard said in a statement.

When the guards came to check the place, they noticed only a slight dent in the surface. A thorough inspection showed that the water had washed out the ground, but the surface had not collapsed. As the city guard explained in a statement, “the cubes got stuck on top of each other and a fragment of the road was hanging over the hole.” According to the officers, under the cube, on an area of ​​two square meters, there was a lack of soil to a depth of about a meter.

– If a vehicle had hit the block, it would have certainly collapsed. Fortunately, no such incident occurred – said senior inspector Piotr Pomarański from the municipal department in a statement. – We attach great importance to securing such places and immediately notify the appropriate services to remove the threat – he added.

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The guards secured the dangerous place until the MPWiK ambulance arrived.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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