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Warsaw. A home for older dogs from Paluch. Construction, work progress, when will it open?

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Since autumn, work has been underway on the construction of a new geriatrics facility for dogs in the Paluchu shelter. Officials inform: the steel skeleton is already in place, and the assembly of the roof and external walls will begin later this month. The pavilion, according to the assurances of the town hall, will be ready in the summer.

The new building of the geriatrics will be prepared to receive over 70 older dogs. The facility, as we read in the city hall’s communiqué, will be connected by a connector with the dog hospital existing in the shelter. The pavilion will house veterinary offices, rehabilitation rooms, a treatment room as well as care and bathing rooms. female dogs with puppies and dogs with behavioral problems will live in separate rooms.

Playgrounds with play and training equipment for dogs are to be built on the grassy paddocks. There will be trees and shelters to protect the animals from the sun, as well as swimming pools where dogs will be able to cool down on hot days. The building will be separated from the park part by a green wall.

Construction of a new pavilion

The building was designed in a modular system and is created by screwing together individual elements. The construction site has been fenced with soundproofing panels. “This has ensured the peace and safety of the animals living in other parts of the shelter,” officials said.

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They add that underground tanks will store rainwater, which can be used for the needs of the shelter. Greenery will appear on the roof, which will also retain rainwater. Photovoltaic panels will also be installed. To a large extent, they should cover the demand for electricity for the facility. The building will be heated by a heat pump.

The planned completion date for the construction of the pavilion is August 2023.

The Warsaw City Development Board is responsible for the implementation of the investment.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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