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Warsaw. A home for young people who find themselves in a homeless crisis

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Last week, a home for young people who found themselves in the crisis of homelessness was opened in Warsaw. Seven people already live in a building specially rebuilt for this purpose. – Usually, when we talk about homelessness, we think about an old man with a beard, who doesn’t smell very good, we can’t see the face of an eighteen-year-old – I met such people. It cannot be like this to myself: these young people have the right to enter adulthood, having favorable, decent conditions to start, and this is what we took care of – Agnieszka Sikora, president of the foundation “Second”, explained on TVN24.

A home for young people who find themselves in a homeless crisis, opened in Warsaw last week. The president of the “Second” foundation, Agnieszka Sikora said on TVN24 that many of us do not realize that young people are also affected by the homelessness crisis. – We very rarely think that such people may experience homelessness. And we are visited by young people who, for example, have lived in the basement for half a year or have had to spend the night on the bus more than once. The problems of these young people begin with the family, this homelessness comes from their own homes, from families that were so only in name, from houses that lacked security, basic things that lacked love, she explained.

She added that some of the foundation’s charges were also people who were in foster care – in orphanages or foster families. – But more and more often we have young people who have never been to any institution, who were never dealt with by the system, but the system missed the problems that occurred in their families – said Sikora.

Home for young people in a homelessness crisisTVN24

Seven people so far. It will be fully inhabited soon

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– I remember that a year ago we talked on TVN24 that we needed such a house – and we managed to open it. We have 15 places, so far seven people live, not because there are no more people in need, but because we have to learn how to run this house, how to function here – she explained. And she added: – There is a guardian at home 24 hours a day, who makes sure that nothing bad happens there. I make sure that young people get up in the morning, eat breakfast, that there is a proper rhythm of life, that this place is clean, tidy, fragrant, and that it is just like at home. I don’t think it’s gonna be a long time when the house is fully involved.

Home for young people in a homelessness crisis TVN24

Safety and a roof over your head

– It shows us that we are not excluded as young people, gives us security, a roof over our heads, gives us food, helps us look for a job, we have access to a psychologist – it is wonderful what Agnieszka Sikora is doing and may she help the kids. She helped me a lot – one of the charges told the TVN24 reporter during the opening of the house. – We have a psychologist, there is a career counselor, there is an addiction therapist, there is a lawyer – so young people can use the help of all these specialists – because our goal is that step by step, point by point, these young people solve their difficulties, problems and on the legs – emphasized Sikora. As she added, the assumptions are that the stay at home should not last longer than six months. – We look at our pupils very individually, everyone has a different time. On the other hand, we would like this house to be a place where after six months a young man has a job, earns some money and either moves on and ends up in our training apartment, or that after six months he would be ready to rent a room or stirring, or picking up the keys to the social flat – she explained.

Home for young people in a homelessness crisis TVN24

A home for young people who found themselves in the crisis of homelessness was opened in Warsaw.

Main photo source: TVN24

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