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Warsaw. A long way to the stop at Gagarin. There will be changes

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Difficulties related to the construction of a tram line along Gagarina Street are very hard on the inhabitants of the lower Mokotów district. After another traffic reorganization, getting to one of the bus stops in the direction of the center requires even a few hundred meters. Many people do not feel like going for a long walk and risk running across a busy street. The spokesman for Warsaw Trams announced that access to the stop will be improved.

At the beginning of March, the organization of traffic along Gagarina Street changed due to the construction of the tram line in Sielce and the Mokotowski Bis sewage collector. The traffic from the northern carriageway was transferred to the new southern part. Bus stops have also changed their location. Admittedly, this was not the first reshuffling in this place, because Gagarina Street for both investments was already dug up in May last year. However, in the case of this particular re-organization, something went wrong.

Long walk to the stop

It’s about getting to the temporary bus stop “Stępińska 52” towards the center. To get there from the Czerniakowski Hospital and the estate located on the southern side of Gagarin, you have to add a few hundred meters to the road, crossing the construction site through fenced passages.

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You have to go around from the pedestrian crossing at the height of Górska, or even more distant zebra at Sielecka. Many people have neither the time nor the desire for longer walks and decide to cross the busy Gagarina Street in a forbidden place. It’s not hard to have an accident.

“We will try to find a solution”

We asked Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman for the Warsaw Trams, about the troublesome traffic organization. Is it possible to mark out an additional, temporary pedestrian crossing at the level of the bus stop? And if not, is it possible to lead an access between the road and the construction site from one of the functioning pedestrian crossings?

The spokesman admits that the way to get to the bus stop is “not very convenient”. – This is due to the works that are now being carried out in this place. And this is, among other things, concreting the tracks and this requires space for work teams – explained Dutkiewicz.

He also said that on Wednesday he spoke with the head of the contract, who in turn passed the information directly to the contractor. – We will try to find a solution that may shorten the way a bit. Anyway, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the construction, it’s still a few months before we finish it – emphasized Maciej Dutkiewicz.

Two stops on Gagarin

The investment on Gagarina Street is a branch of the tram line that will connect Mokotów (and eventually also Ochota and Wola) with Wilanów. The construction is carried out jointly with the Municipal Water and Sewage Company, which is building a huge collector underground.

The track in the Gagarin line will be green. The designers have planned one pair of stops here at the intersection with Sielecka Street. Bus stops will remain in their former locations. At the intersection with Sielecka, there will be an additional pedestrian crossing. The final stop without a loop will be built in front of the intersection of Gagarin and Czerniakowska. Access to the platforms will be possible thanks to pedestrian crossings located at the intersections with Czerska and Czerniakowska. An additional “zebra” will be built on the western side of Czerska Street.

On the northern side of the street, a two-way bicycle path will be created, separated from the roadway by a green belt. Before the start of the investment, cyclists were forced to ride on the road.

Gagarin-Sielecka intersectionWarsaw Trams

Gagarin-Czerniakowska intersectionWarsaw Trams

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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