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Warsaw. A map of cycling absurdities. Activists point out mistakes made by road workers. They chose eight points

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Activists have prepared a map of the greatest cycling absurdities in the capital. On Thursday, they handed it over to the capital’s road construction workers, along with a report containing ideas for their removal. In this way, they want to draw attention to dangerous and burdensome places, such as paths ending with stairs or a descent to a three-lane street.

The initiators of the campaign are the Miasto Jest Nasz and Zielone Mazowsze associations. Barbara Jędrzejczyk, the president of MJN, explained during the Thursday press conference that the aim was to collect particularly dangerous, burdensome and demotivating places for cycling. – It was, among other things, a bicycle road under the Siberian exile roundabout, which ends with a staircase, or the intersection of Kijowska and Targowa Streets, where the path suddenly ends and it is only possible to get to the other side using the “teleport” – she enumerated.

– It turns out that this year this road absurdity is becoming an adult – said Marek Smyk, president of the Zielone Mazowsze association, about the path at the Siberian exile roundabout. – It would be understandable that nothing could be done about it, if in fact some alternatives could be found. Unfortunately, for eighteen years, people have been forced to carry bicycles. I don’t know how people handle cargo bikes or trailers, he said. He also explained that, according to activists, there is enough space on the viaducts over the roundabout to create a bicycle route at the top.


Activists created a map of road absurditiesThe City Is Ours / Green Mazovia

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Activists point out errors in the cycling infrastructure

The points on the map of bicycle absurdities were created on the basis of reports from the inhabitants of the capital and the experiences of activists. – We received several dozen such reports. We presented them in our report and on the map to eliminate them as soon as possible, because they are often in the road infrastructure for many years and nothing changes – Jędrzejczyk noted.

There are eight absurdities in total. In addition to the aforementioned Zesłańców Siberyjskich roundabout and the vicinity of the Wschodni Railway Station, the map also includes a 50-meter long “gap” in the path on Towarowa, between Zawiszy and Kolejowa roundabouts, a bicycle road in Aleje Ujazdowskie, which stops at Plac Trzech Krzyży, a path at the intersection of Dolna and Puławska, ending with a downhill ride to a three-lane road, or the Poniatowski Bridge, completely unsuited to the needs of cyclists.

In addition to describing the road shortcomings, activists developed recommendations for the Municipal Roads Authority. – They tell us how inexpensively and without demolishing the entire area to make a given place or network of bicycle routes uniform – Smyk pointed out.

– It is worth mentioning that for ten years the city has had a document called Executive and design standards for bicycle infrastructure. There are – among the many details of curves, bends, passage widths and longitudinal faults – five basic principles for bicycle infrastructure: direct, coherent, attractive, safe and comfortable. In our campaign, we showed that these five principles are not always, and sometimes hardly ever met – emphasized Smyk.

On Thursday, activists delivered the report to Łukasz Puchalski, the director of ZDM and the representative of the president of Warsaw for bicycle transport.

See the full report of MJN and Green Mazovia >>>

Activists created a map of road absurditiesThe city is ours

Main photo source: The City Is Ours / Green Mazovia

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