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Warsaw. A married couple from Mokotów found in Prague. The Czech policeman told about the meeting with the couple – the findings of “Uwagi” TVN

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A married couple from Warsaw, who left their apartment in Mokotów a month ago, leaving behind two sons, were found in Prague, Czech Republic. Reporter “Notes!” TVN spoke to a local police officer who told how the meeting with the couple looked like.

As we reported, the couple left their apartment at Puławska in Warsaw around midnight on May 20-21. Leaving the apartment, they left their two teenage sons behind. Since then, they have not returned home and have not made any contact with their loved ones. The worried family who took care of the children of Aneta and Adam J. reported them missing to the police.

The couple, leaving home, left a “card with instructions” for their sons. “Boys, you are brave. You will make it in life. We are proud of you,” they wrote.

Later they were seen in one of the Tatra shelters and in Slovakia.

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A policeman from the Czech Republic on finding a married couple from Warsaw

A month after leaving the apartment in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, they appeared in Czech Prague. There they were tracked down by the police. A reporter from “Notes!” spoke to a representative of the Czech police. TVN. – Our criminal police officers received information from Polish officers that the wanted couple is in Prague. And we found them. They cooperated with the police. We checked their health, they were in good condition – he said “Attention!” TVN Col. Ondrej Moravcik from the Police of the Czech Republic. And he explains: – For the police, it was important what state of health they were in and whether they knew that the Polish police were looking for them and that they had the status of missing persons. Turns out they were aware of it.

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Where exactly was the marriage found? – Czech law prohibits giving us details. The only thing we can say about the place is that it was a public place, Moravcik said.

Reporter “Notes!” TVN managed to determine from unofficial sources that the marriage was stopped in one of the largest parks in Prague – Letenskie Sady. – This is a very popular place, because if someone wants to see Hradcany Castle, they can pass through this park – said Anna Ruscak, who has been living in Prague for many years.

“The Czech police did not ask what they wanted to do next and where they would stay”

Since the meeting with the Czech police, the couple is no longer missing. – Their mental state was fine, the Czech police did not ask what they wanted to do next and where they would stay. They understood that they were wanted and cooperated with us, providing basic information, emphasized the representative of the Czech police.

Did the couple say they had contact with their children? – We did not ask about contact with children, it was not within the scope of our duties. We have confirmed the identity. The rest is handled by other institutions, Moravcik pointed out.

It turns out that the case of the disappearance of a married couple from Warsaw was also widely commented on in the Czech Republic.

– Information appeared in the press, mainly on large websites. A lot of people wrote comments. Two types prevailed. Or they were people who experienced a similar situation as 14- or 15-year-old children. And these people wrote that for the rest of their lives they had a trauma that they could not cope with. There were also comments from people who laughed at the whole situation – described a Polish woman living in Prague.

The case of a married couple from Mokotów who abandoned their childrenAttention! TVN

What now?

Why did the police treat the couple as ordinary tourists and did not detain the boys’ parents?

– We were dealing with a disappearance, which resulted from the report of relatives of the couple. we cannot speak of any detention. In order to take specific legal steps, speaking of making allegations, first of all, actions must be taken, all materials analyzed and only then actions are taken – indicated supercomm. Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander.

The trace of the marriage from Warsaw has disappeared again. This time in Prague. Where J. are now is unknown.

The case of the parents will certainly be dealt with by the family court, due to the violation of the provisions of the Family and Guardianship Code.

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Main photo source: KPP Zakopane

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