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Warsaw. A missing boy found on a platform in Międzylesie

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In the middle of the night, city guards noticed a boy sitting on the edge of the platform of the railway station in Międzylesie. It turned out that he was a missing 13-year-old who had been searched for by the police for two hours.

It was almost 1.30 am, when city guards were patrolling Patriotów Street. As they were approaching the station in Międzylesie, they noticed a boy sitting on the edge of the railway platform. “His legs were hanging over the tracks” – reported the press department of the Warsaw city guard.

The guards immediately ran up to him and dragged him off the platform. He was shaky and spoke slurred. The officers calmed the boy down and took him to the police car. “Because he repeated that he was hungry, the guards gave him their sandwiches and water. When he satisfied his hunger, he took toys from his pocket and began to play with them in the police car” – it was written.

It turned out that his description corresponds to that given less than two hours earlier in the announcement about a 13-year-old missing in Śródmieście. The boy was intensively searched for with the use of a tracking dog. The police were notified of the finding of the child. Just before 2 o’clock, the police patrol and the boy’s mother arrived at the scene, and the boy was handed over the found child.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police

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