Warsaw. A moose seen at the tram stop in Grochów


A large moose was seen on Thursday in Grochów. The animal was spotted, among others, near a tram stop. We received photos and videos on Kontakt 24.

First, a reader provided information about a moose walking on Siennicka Street in Praga Południe. The animal was captured on video.

Moose on Siennicka Street in WarsawEnter, Kontakt24

He was walking along the track

A moment later, the reader sent another video – this time from Grochowska Street. “Around 5.40 p.m., a moose was walking on the tram tracks towards the Wiatraczna roundabout. Interestingly, the moose in the center of Warsaw aroused the interest of only passers-by, there was no representative of the uniformed services there,” wrote Mrs. Dagmara, from whom we received the material.

Moose are frequent guests in Warsaw. Recently, we reported on an animal that drivers noticed on a busy street Modlińska.

A moose at the bus stop in Grochów Dagmara, Kontakt 24

He could ram a man

In July, we reported on tvn24.pl that a moose often appeared on the streets in the town of Koluszki in the Łódź Voivodeship. At that time, the district hunter from the Polish Hunting Association in Łódź emphasized that these animals appeared everywhere and were not afraid of anything. – All because they have no natural enemies here, such as wolves or bears – explained Przemysław Kobacki.

He also emphasized that the moose, contrary to appearances, is a dangerous animal. – You must not approach it and pet it, the moose often weighs 300 kilograms and could trample a person. Moreover, if a car accident involving this animal occurs, it usually ends tragically for both the animal and the driver, he warned.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Dagmara, Kontakt 24

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