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Warsaw. A new method of determining garbage bills. Cooperatives propose changes

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The city councilors adopted a new method of determining the amount of fees for rubbish. From January, how much we will pay for the waste collection will depend on the size of the apartment. In the opinion of some housing co-operatives, however, the resolution requires modification. They want rates to be proportionate.

Until February 2020, the fee for rubbish paid by Warsaw residents depended on the number of people in the household, then a flat fee was applied for thirteen months. The current regulations link the fees for garbage to the consumption of water. On Thursday, the Warsaw Council adopted a resolution, according to it, from January 1, Warsaw residents will pay for waste disposal depending on the size of the apartment. Some Warsaw cooperatives have reservations

“The burden will fall on the less wealthy”

In the press release from Robotnicza Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa “Praga” it was emphasized that along with a number of other cooperatives, including cooperatives “Służew nad Dolinką”, “Bródno” or Warszawska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa – it raised objections to the proposed new regulations.

As announced in the announcement, a few days earlier, the cooperatives had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the draft resolution and raised a number of objections. Meanwhile, at the beginning of Thursday’s deliberations, vice-president Renata Kaznowska filed a motion to remove the print with the draft resolution and replace it with another. They varied in terms of the fixed rates. There were five rates in the original draft. And so: residents of premises below 30 square meters would pay PLN 65, up to 40 meters – PLN 76, up to 60 meters – PLN 86, up to 80 meters – PLN 96, and residents of premises over 80 square meters would pay PLN 102. The bill, which was finally adopted by a majority of councilors’ votes, changed these rates. The cooperatives pointed out that as a result, less affluent people will suffer, and those with more affluent wallets will benefit.

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“In the opinion of the cooperatives, the new method of setting fees and the adopted rates of fees introduced by the Council will result in the fact that the financial burden for managing municipal waste will fall mainly on less and middle-class people (such people usually own premises with an area of ​​40 to 60 m2 – including 50% of premises in Warsaw are in the range), while for the best earners (most often living in large premises with an area of ​​80 m2), the increase in fees will be less noticeable “- it was written.

The main problem identified in the position paper is the surge in fees. “For example, the owner of a 30 m2 premises will pay PLN 52 / month, while the owner of the premises slightly larger, because only 1 cm2, i.e. with an area of ​​30.01 m2, will pay as much as PLN 25 more, i.e. PLN 77” – underlined.

The cooperatives have a proposition

The cooperatives suggested to the city that it should consider modifying the adopted method in such a way that the rate per square meter for residential premises would be PLN 1.30 / m2, and the minimum fee would be set at about PLN 20, and the maximum fee – at PLN 130. “The use of this method would allow for a much fairer calculation of fees. Thanks to this, residents would be charged with fees in direct proportion to the area of ​​their premises. This method of calculating fees would be much better related to the amount of waste actually generated by residents from individual premises” – emphasized.

As noted, the conducted analyzes show that the city budget revenues would be constant and predictable and close to the assumed revenues on the basis of the method specified in the Thursday resolution of the City Council.

The cooperatives also postulate that the fees for commercial premises in residential buildings should also be charged on the usable floor space of these premises, without the maximum rate, as it is the owners of commercial premises that generate the most rubbish in multi-apartment real estate.

The councilors adopted a new method

The adopted resolution specifies five rates of fees. For apartments up to 30 sq m. the fee will be PLN 52; from 30.01 to 40 sq m – PLN 77; from 40.01 to 60 sq m – 88 PLN; from 60.01 to 80 sq m – PLN 94, and for farms over 80 sq m. – PLN 99. Varsovians living in a single-family house will pay a flat rate of PLN 107. Owners composting bio-waste will pay PLN 9 less. Varsovians will pay a flat rate of PLN 181.90 per year for a summer house or other real estate used for recreation and leisure. A property owner who does not select rubbish will pay twice the fee.

During the Thursday session, the secretary of the Capital City of Warsaw Włodzimierz Karpiński explained that none of the methods of billing for rubbish “is in fact fully fair and related to the real costs of waste production”. He stressed, however, that this time the city proposes “as simple a system as possible, with the least burdens on the inhabitants’ wallet”.

The regulations are to enter into force on January 1, 2022

Main photo source: TVN24

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