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Warsaw. A new platform at the Gdański Railway Station. When will it be built? Details

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PKP PLK announced that an additional platform would be built at the Gdański Railway Station. Now the railwaymen have informed what it will look like and when passengers will be able to use it.

About the fact that the Gdański Railway Station is bursting at the seams and the railwaymen are planning to build an additional platform we wrote on tvnwarszawa.pl in May. Where did that background come from? Due to the reconstruction of the West Railway Station, a large part of trains was directed there, not only suburban (this is the nature of this station), but also long-distance trains.

Now the railwaymen have handed over the details of the investment.

200 meters long, five meters wide

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An additional, single-edge platform No. 5 will be built on the northern side of the station – from Żoliborz – ul. indrzejczyk. It will be at least 200 meters long and five meters wide. It will allow the service of long-distance trains heading towards, among others, Krakow and Katowice.

– Station Warsaw Gdansk is an important point on the railway map of Warsaw, which allows you to travel efficiently by train to the capital during large investments. To meet the needs of travelers, we are additionally improving the functionality of the station, which is so much needed during the redevelopment of the cross-city line – said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Bittel.

The President of the Management Board of PKP PLK emphasized that the additional platform will allow for the distribution of passenger flows, and thus will improve passenger service and increase the capacity of train traffic. – Other solutions that will increase the comfort of using the station are also being analyzed – he added.

There will be two accesses to the platform

As the railway workers emphasize, there will be benches, sheds and a passenger information system on the platform. Energy-saving LED lighting will ensure safe movement also after dark.

Two access routes to the new platform are planned. From the side of Żoliborz, from Indrzejczyka Street, near the pedestrian crossing and the entrance to the tunnel, stairs and a ramp will be built.

The second access, also in the form of stairs and ramps, will be provided from the western side of the pedestrian footbridge, which connects the platforms with ul. Trouble and st. Felinski.

A walkway will be built between the new platform and the footbridge. A second walkway will also be built on the southern side of the station and will connect the western footbridge with the entrance to the tunnel leading to the metro station by the station building.

– The value of works financed by PKP PLK is PLN 12 million. Completion of the construction of the new platform is scheduled for the end of September, and the construction of the sidewalk on the southern side of the station by the end of October, said PKP PLK spokesman Karol Jakubowski.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnarszawa.pl

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