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Warsaw. A pedestrian crossing will be built on Wisłostrada. Will there be traffic jams?

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A pedestrian and bicycle footbridge connecting the banks of the Vistula River is to be ready in spring. To connect the pedestrian and bicycle route with Karowa, an additional pedestrian crossing and a bicycle crossing will be built on Wisłostrada. There are questions about traffic jams, but Łukasz Puchalski, spokesman for the Municipal Roads Authority, assures: losses for drivers on this communication route will be very minimal.

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge already connects both banks of the Vistula – at Karowa in Powiśle and Okrzeja in Praga. Its construction is still ongoing – it is scheduled to be ready in spring 2024.

The Municipal Roads Authority is planning on Wisłostrada, practically at the intersection with Karowa Street, build a pedestrian crossing and a bicycle crossing with traffic lights.

Currently, those driving from Żoliborz can turn right into Karowa, and people leaving Karowa can only turn right towards Mokotów. It was once also possible to leave Karowa to the left towards Żoliborz and this road system will return in mid-2024.

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– The intersection with Karowa will be an almost full-circuit intersection. It will not be possible to turn from Mokotów into Karowa Street, but from Karowa Street you will also be able to exit onto Wisłostrada towards Żoliborz – confirmed the director of the Municipal Roads Authority, Łukasz Puchalski.

What will traffic organization look like?

He explained that when pedestrians and cyclists pass by, there will also be a green light for cars turning from Karowa towards Żoliborz. This is important because currently the entire Powiśle, going towards Żoliborz, must leave through Nowy Zjazd, where traffic from Browarna and Dobra streets connects with the exit from Trasa WZ. This causes traffic jams and makes it difficult to leave. Thanks to the changes introduced, part of the traffic from Powiśle will leave through Karowa Street. The new exit will serve mainly drivers coming from Bankowy Square, he noted.

When asked whether the additional traffic lights would not cause even greater traffic jams on the crowded Wisłostrada, he explained that the artery is jammed mainly during rush hours and the rest of the time traffic is relatively smooth.

– For rush hours, the traffic lights at the New Exit are crucial. This is a “corcogenic” place for this area. This is where the first congestion occurs, he emphasized. He explained that the signals before and after this intersection are also part of the integrated traffic management system.

Changes already in 2024

The traffic lights at Karowa Street will also be synchronized, which is intended to minimize losses for drivers.

– Such traffic organization will be introduced in mid-2024. Design documentation for the new traffic organization is currently being prepared, which is to be ready by the end of the year. We want to announce a tender at the beginning of the year and find a contractor. All changes should be in force by the middle of next year, said the ZDM director.

Next year, Okrzei Street is to be renovated on the Praga side, and ultimately the footbridge would connect it to Kawęczyńska Street, and on the Powiśle and Śródmieście sides to Krakowskie Przedmieście.

Main photo source: ZDM

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