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Warsaw. A plane with the inscription “To Berlin” above the participants of the march on June 4. KO wants to investigate

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Members of the Civic Coalition demand that the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and the Civil Aviation Authority investigate the plane’s flight over the Sunday march on June 4. A small machine was dragging a banner reading “To Berlin” behind it. According to the opposition, a PiS MP from Mielec, who was supposed to rent a plane, was behind this, and they assessed the situation as a “provocation”.

– We expect SCAAI and the Civil Aviation Authority to investigate the case of an airplane with a banner flying over Warsaw on June 4, when the opposition march took place – KO deputies said on Wednesday. In their opinion, the aircraft was not authorized to perform such a flight.

“They’re going to want to put a man in jail?” – government spokesman Piotr Müller wrote on Twitter, referring to the words of KO MPs.

On Sunday, June 4, on the anniversary of the partially free elections in 1989, a party organized by the Civic Platform and its leader, Donald Tusk, was held in Warsaw. march opposition. A small plane flew over the assembly, dragging behind it a banner that read: “To Berlin.”

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KO: A PiS councilor rented a plane and attached a banner

As Joński said on Wednesday at a press conference, “there was a certain provocation during the June 4 march.” – This provocation was an incident in the sky. A plane appeared that was dragging a banner that was supposed to provoke those who took part in this march – said the KO MP.

In his opinion, “it was a PiS provocation”, and its author was a PiS councilor from Mielec, who rented the plane. – He rented this plane to later attach a banner in Konstancin-Jeziorna, which was supposed to provoke smiling people. Fortunately, this provocation failed – said Joński.

Maciej Lasek added that according to aviation regulations, you can fly over Warsaw at an altitude of over 2,000 meters. The exceptions are arrival and departure procedures from Chopin Airport and Babice Airport.

– Meanwhile, the plane carrying the banner flew over Warsaw along the Vistula River at an altitude of 500-600 meters and did not take off or land at Babice Airport or Chopin Airport – said the KO MP.

– This flight, which took place on June 4, was a clear violation of air traffic regulations – Lasek pointed out.

He pointed out that pursuant to Art. 212 of the Aviation Law, such a violation of aviation regulations is punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years.

KO does not rule out a report to the prosecutor’s office

– That is why we are submitting a request for the investigation of this incident and all its circumstances by the State Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission, and we are also notifying the president of the Civil Aviation Authority to clarify whether the pilot had all the qualifications. We also do not rule out filing a report with the prosecutor’s office – announced Lasek.

– It is necessary to end this lawlessness in the air once and for all, because what we have been dealing with recently raises great doubts – said Joński. “We will clear this matter up to the end,” he added.

Main photo source: DroneInWarsaw.com

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