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Warsaw. A pond in Pole Mokotowskie like a puddle. Officials explain why they did not fully fill it with water

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The pond in Pole Mokotowskie was not completely filled with water this summer. Its edges frighten with concrete. The management of Zielenia explains that the reason is the upcoming modernization of the park and the reservoir. However, it is not known when the first works will start.

The concrete basin of the pond in Pole Mokotowskie will be removed soon. Its place will be taken by a natural substrate, the shores of the water reservoir will be planted with vegetation. However, little is known about the beginning of these works. For now, people walking around Pole Mokotowskie can “admire” a large part of the bottom of the pond, because only in the middle has a shallow layer of water appeared this year.

We asked the Green Board about the reason for this situation. – Due to environmental reasons and the planned comprehensive reconstruction of the water system in the Pole Mokotowskie park, including the main reservoir – the degree of filling the reservoir with water has been minimized this year to the level enabling the existence of amphibians and birds – informs Anna Stopińska, spokeswoman for the Zieleni Board. And he explains that there was also a leak in the tank. – As a result, it is not possible to maintain a constant water level in it without the need to replenish the shortage – he points out.

As he adds, the water used to fill the pond comes from the municipal water supply, i.e. it is treated water. – It would therefore be wasteful to fill the entire canopy of the reservoir qualified for demolition with water, and then drain the water to the municipal sewage system along with the start of the planned reconstruction of the Pole Mokotowskie park – says the spokeswoman.


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How will Pole Mokotowskie change?

– As part of the planned modernization of Pole Mokotowskie, a new water system will be built in the park. The large pond will be dismantled and naturalized with the use of a closed water circuit, which will allow for the preservation of a stable water ecosystem in the reservoir and rational management of water resources in the conditions of climate change – describes Stopińska. – We emphasize that during the works, we will take care of the safety of the amphibians living in the Pole Mokotowskie park and provide them with a replacement mating place in the temporary reservoir – he assures.

After the modernization, a new sensory garden will be created in the largest park in the capital city, greenery will also be planted: 55 trees, over 6,000 shrubs, 17,000 perennials, almost 1.5 hectares of flower meadows, and thousands of vines, bulbs, rushes and water plants’ .

Additionally, outdoor gyms, public toilets and playgrounds will be built. Falling into ruin Finnish houses will be renovated, including the one where Ryszard Kapuściński lived, where a reportage center will be established

The works are scheduled to be completed in November 2022. At the end of June, officials opened bids in a tender for a modernization contractor. Four companies were interested. So far, however, no winner has been announced.

There will be changes at Pole MokotowskieWXCA

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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