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Warsaw. A ring-tailed lemur was born in the Warsaw zoo

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The Warsaw zoo announced the birth of a ring-tailed lemur. The baby was born on March 10, he is doing well and is staying with his mother. The ring-tailed lemur is the only terrestrial lemur. They have fingerprints, they also have poor eyesight and distinguish only blue and yellow.

“The spring babyboom at the Warsaw Zoo continues! Please welcome the charming “alien”, our little ring-tailed lemur, born on March 10, the Warsaw Zoo announced on social media.

He explained that his mother is Tola. “The baby feels good, he is still a bit shy and clings to his mother’s fur all the time. We can tell you that it is probably a male” – it was noted in the entry.

The Warsaw Zoo invites you to see a little lemur.

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13,000 animals live in it. The Warsaw zoo is 95 years old and has new patrons.

The prehensile hands of lemurs have fingerprints

The ring-tailed lemur is the only terrestrial lemur. Caves and rock clefts are hiding places for him. In case of danger, it also seeks shelter in trees. Ring-tailed lemurs have “their” trees, from which they do not stray too far.

When moving, it holds its tail high up, which allows mutual observation between the members of the herd. It lives in groups of up to 20 individuals, led by an older female.

He spends many hours a day grooming his fur. It uses the comb-shaped lower incisors and the long claw of the second toe of the hind leg to clean its coat. The prehensile hands of lemurs have fingerprints.

The ring-tailed lemur has poor eyesight and cannot distinguish between red and green, only yellow and blue.

The lemur is the symbol of Madagascar. In some African cultures, they are considered a symbol of failure or a harbinger of bad news. They were discovered in Madagascar only in 1758 and first described. They came to Europe in the 19th century.

Main photo source: Warsaw zoo

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