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Warsaw. A room for summer 2022. Workshops, meetings, concerts

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On one side, skyscrapers, a river of cars gliding along Towarowa, on the other the hustle and bustle of excursions that came to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. And between them a green oasis of peace, relaxation with lemonade and yoga on the grass. After two years of a pandemic break, the Room for Summer, a cafe with a message, returns.

The wooden pavilion is an initiative of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. You can get there both from the museum courtyard (stairs leading among the treetops) and from Towarowa. This is not a cafe like many. A room for the summer wants to teach you to live consciously and to better cope with the challenges of everyday life.

How to tame the “black swans”?

– Peace comes back to provide tips on how to deal with difficult situations. Today, a world that seemed to be structured a few years ago is experiencing shocks: a pandemic, war in Ukraine, economic troubles. These are situations that everyone has to deal with. We organize this pavilion as a place where there will be lessons of resourcefulness, a school of good humor, building well-being, meetings with great people. All this will allow us to overcome what surrounds us – announced Jan Ołdakowski, director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum during the meeting with journalists.

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And he pointed out that dealing with difficult, unexpected situations “is something that the inhabitants of war Warsaw mastered to perfection”. – Today marketers call such situations “black swans”. They lived in a time when these black swans were gathering, we are starting too, he noted.

Dariusz Gawin, deputy director of the MPW and head of the Starzyński Institute, was also looking for links between the past and the present.

– You need to understand a certain ambiguity of the name of this place. “Peace” in Polish means two things: a state of conflict, peace, but also a room for rent. The insurgents came from the generation where such rooms were rented for the summer: in Świder, Otwock, Milanówek or Podkowa Leśna, there was a moment of peace there. In a pandemic, we appreciated the importance of places where you can escape from the rush of events, hide, concentrate on the things that we pass in the hurry of everyday life. Here we can calibrate our gaze differently, do something for ourselves – Gawin explained the idea of ​​Peace for the summer.

Baking bread, raspberry peeling, concerts

And how does the idea for this place translate into practice? The program includes bread baking workshops (“Agnieszka Kiepuszewska will teach bread fermentation procedures, folding and forming techniques. sewing, floristic (wreaths made of seasonal plants) or kintsugi (this mysterious name is a Japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics).

Those who care about the skin and nature will learn how to make a homemade peeling of raspberries, coal, rice or cucumber. There will be cooking (“zyatized homely dumplings in the Korean way” are going to be interesting) and physical activities: yoga, facial yoga, pilates. A meeting with the dog behaviorist was also planned. Admission to all workshops is free but requires registration.

A room for the summer is also music. This season, four concerts will take place on the escarpment by the museum: Rita Pax – premiere of the album Beauty. Tribute To Breakout (June 25), Vito Bambino (July 1), Sorry Boys (August 13), Bibobit (August 26).

Main photo source: Katarzyna Stefanowska / MPW

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