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Warsaw. A senior woman got lost while traveling by tram. A note saved her

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City guards received a report about an elderly passenger with memory loss. The woman reached the loop in Mokotów and did not know where to go. The confused senior managed to help thanks to a note found in her purse.

On Monday, September 18, officers from the 2nd Regional Department received a report about an elderly woman who got lost while traveling by tram in Mokotów. The tram ended its route at the intersection of Woronicza and Niepodległości Avenue, but the woman did not get off.

She didn’t know where she was or where she was going

“The city guards were notified by the tram driver. An approximately 80-year-old woman was sitting alone in the carriage, not knowing where she was or where she wanted to go. The guards called an ambulance, whose rescuers checked the health of the senior woman. Thanks to a note found in the elderly woman’s purse, the officers managed to determine her granddaughter’s telephone number,” we read in a statement from the Warsaw City Guard.

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The guards contacted a woman who was taking her children to school. After returning, she promised to wait for her grandmother in the Bielany apartment. The guards transported the senior to Bielany, where they handed her over to her granddaughter.

“The note was extremely helpful”

“Once again, a card with the contact details of a loved one, which should be provided to seniors and people with memory loss, turned out to be extremely helpful,” the city guards emphasized.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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