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Warsaw. A small hole on Dubieńska Street in Grochów covered a two-meter sinkhole

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A small hole appeared on one of the streets in Grochów, which turned out to be a huge threat. There was an empty, almost two-meter space under the asphalt. “A car ride could end in tragedy,” said city guards.

The sinkhole occurred in the evening of Sunday, June 2, on Dubieńska Street in Grochów. It seemed harmless, but the city police received a report about a small hole in the asphalt.

A sinkhole on Dubieńska StreetWarsaw City Guard

“The officers who intervened found that although the hole visible in the road was indeed small, an empty space was created several times larger under the road surface, up to two meters deep,” city guards wrote in a statement.

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The asphalt was washed away by water

The soil was washed away due to a water supply failure. “Driving a car on this road could end in tragedy,” they said.

A sinkhole on Dubieńska StreetWarsaw City Guard

The guards cordoned off the endangered area and closed it off to traffic and notified the city's technical officer. The private company that maintains the road on this section was only able to repair the road on Monday, June 3. Until then, a city guard patrol was guarding the sinkhole to make sure no one got hurt.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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