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Warsaw. A step forward regarding the tunnel in Rembertów. The court will decide who will build the viaduct

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The city obtained an important decision from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection regarding the construction of a tunnel under the railway line in Rembertów. Residents of this district have been fighting for a collision-free crossing of the tracks for years.

The number one topic in Rembertów for many years has been the construction of two collision-free crossings over the international railway line that runs through the district. Hundreds of trains traverse the line every day: freight, long-distance and local. The barriers between Marsa Street and General Chruściel “Montera” Avenue fall every few minutes (up to 300 times a day), and drivers are stuck in traffic jams. There has been talk of a tunnel there for years. In turn, a viaduct over the tracks is to be built along Chełmżyńska Street.

Two companies want to build the viaduct, the court will decide

In the case of the second investment, a tender was announced in May last year, and envelopes were opened in September. 10 companies applied and submitted offers ranging from PLN 68.5 to 87.2 million. However, so far the tender has not been finalized because – as Vice-President Michał Olszewski informed at the beginning of February – the case is in court. – One of the companies participating in the proceedings appealed to the court against the decision of the National Chamber of Appeal – explained Olszewski then.

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– On March 21, there will be a hearing before the District Court in Warsaw regarding the lawsuit filed by one of the contractors – Skanska, which appealed against the decision of the National Chamber of Appeal – announced Vice President Olszewski on Monday during a meeting with journalists. Skanska is competing with Intop to sign the contract for the construction of the viaduct, whose offer was initially selected by the city.

One step forward on the tunnel

The Vice-President also informed about another step bringing the city closer to the construction of a tunnel between Marsa Street and General Chruściel “Montera” Avenue.

– On February 15, we received another closing of the environmental impact assessment from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection. Documents for the ZRID decision (permit for the implementation of a road investment – ed.), which will be issued by the mayor of the city, are being completed. We expect a decision within the next few weeks, Olszewski said. – After the ZRID decision is issued, we will be able to enter into an agreement with PKP PLK – he added.

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What about the crossing in Wesoła?

At the beginning of February we informed on tvnwarszawa.pl that the city has prepared a draft agreement with railway workers for the expansion of the district road along ul. 1st Prague Regiment together with the construction of a tunnel in Wesoła. During Monday’s meeting with journalists, Michał Olszewski expressed hope that an agreement with railway workers regarding this investment could be signed in March.

The announcement of the tender for the selection of a construction contractor is planned for the second quarter of this year. According to preliminary assumptions, the works will take approximately 26 months from the date of signing the contract. The tender procedure will be conducted by the Capital City Development Authority.

A tunnel will be built in this placeSZRM

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