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Warsaw. A taxi driver inhales white powder. Recording

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One of the recordings circulating on the Internet shows a taxi driver inhaling white powder. For now, the police have not identified the man, and it is not known whether the powder is a drug. – The recording is extremely disturbing, it was forwarded to individual district headquarters and road traffic departments – said Sub-Inspector Sylwester Marczak, press spokesman for the Police Commander of the Capital City of Warsaw.

The several-dozen-second recording shows the driver of a car with taxi markings inhaling white powder. The vehicle he is sitting in is parked partially on the sidewalk. The recording briefly shows a rooster with the logo of the Promin Partner company, for which the man most likely works. We asked her representative to comment on the matter.

“If the police find this driver, he will obviously face the consequences.”

– We don’t know where this recording was recorded. It shows that the driver is addicted to something. It is not known exactly what happened inside the vehicle and what kind of powder it was. We react negatively to this situation, we also use taxis and we would not like someone like that to take anyone – said Bohdan Yefimenko from Promin Partner in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. At the same time, he noted that it would be difficult to identify this specific driver, because only the side number of the car was visible in the recording. As Yefimenko explained, this is the Promin Partner license number. – It says that a specific car has our license. He is with all our drivers. We have 1,500 entries from our license throughout Warsaw, and there are about 100 blue Toyota Prius in our company – he added. He explained that to identify a specific driver, the registration number of the car he was driving is needed. – It’s difficult without him. The driver’s face is also hard to see in the recording, Yefimenko added.

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The police have already visited Promin Partner in this case. – We provided the information they needed. They made arrangements and are looking for this driver, Yefimenko said. – If the police find this driver, he will of course face the consequences. We will terminate the contract with him, he assured.

“The recording is extremely disturbing”

We also asked the capital police to comment on the matter. – The recording is extremely disturbing. In this case, we encourage you to inform the police every time you encounter a similar situation. Such a report will allow for a quick response and elimination of drivers who may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Of course, this recording was sent to individual district headquarters and road traffic departments of the Capital Police Headquarters for official use – said in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. Sylwester Marczak, press spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander.

Marczak reminded that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is punishable by two years in prison. – But it is much higher when we are dealing with negative consequences, i.e. a road accident in which people die or cause serious damage to health. Then it is 12 years of imprisonment – he added.

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The incident took place on Thursday eveningtvnwarszawa.pl

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