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Warsaw. A tragic accident on the S8 route, the truck driver is dead. Details of the accident, appeal to witnesses

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The prosecutor’s office explains the details of the tragic accident on the S8 route, which resulted in the death of a truck driver. The police, in turn, inform about the first findings and appeal to witnesses to contact the headquarters in Wołomin.

The accident happened on Saturday after 3 p.m., at the height of Kobyłka. Three cars collided on the S8 route. A truck Volvo fell out of the way, rolled over. For several dozen minutes, the firefighters took the truck driver out of the cabin, it was impossible to save him. The police searched for two men from BMW who had moved away from the scene of the accident. Both, drunk, were detained on Saturday evening. One of them was wanted to serve five years in prison for drug offenses, the other also has a police record.


What happened?

According to the Warsaw headquarters, the case is dealt with by the investigation department in Wołomin. The police had already established that the BMW car was driving in the left lane. At one point, he crashed into the back of a passenger Volvo that was driving in front of him.

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“As a result of the collision, the Volvo car changed the direction of travel, moved to the right lane, where it hit the left wheel of the truck, which, as a result of the collision, changed its direction, turned to the right side, where it hit the traffic separators, energy-consuming barriers and then fell off the viaduct around eight meters down “- describe the policemen on their website.

Bmw, as officials continue to report, ran over the driving separators. The driver continued to drive backwards, collided with a Peugeot in the middle lane.

“As a result of the incident, the driver of a Volvo truck was killed on the spot. The driver of a Volvo passenger car was injured. The driver of the BMW car and its passenger, without establishing the consequences of the incident and without helping the injured, left the scene on foot” – remind the police.

The men from BMW have already been detained. According to Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office, activities are being carried out in the case. So far, none of him has heard the charges.

Appeal to witnesses

Police officers appeal to witnesses.

“All persons who are eyewitnesses to the accident are asked to contact the Investigation Department of the KPP Wołomin ul. Wileńska 43a, 05-200 Wołomin tel. 47 72-47-259 or 22 776-20-21“- they write on their website.

Main photo source: KSP

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