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Warsaw. A V-22 Osprey seen during an exercise. The only such machines in the world

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On Monday and Tuesday, the inhabitants of Warsaw could observe unique machines in the sky – the American V-22 Osprey combining the features of a helicopter and an airplane. These unusual aircraft appeared during three-day anti-terrorist exercises organized by Polish and American services.

The services did not officially inform about the arrival of the V-22 Osprey to Warsaw, so it is not known exactly what was the reason for their visit. However, they have been observed over time organized by the Polish services three-day anti-terrorist exercises in Warsaw with the participation of, among others, FBI, which may suggest the use of these machines in these exercises. In the past The V-22 Osprey has already come to our country for Polish-American training of special forces units.

V-22 Osprey over Warsaw

Internet users began to inform about the visit of these unusual machines on Monday. Unconfirmed information appeared on social media that at least one of them came from a base in Great Britain.

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Then, on Monday and Tuesday, the sighting of these machines was reported in the southern and eastern parts of Warsaw. The characteristic silhouettes of the Ospreys were seen at different times of the day during a low pass over several districts of the city.

V-22 Osprey seen low over Warsaw

A combination of a helicopter and an airplane

V-22 Osprey machines are a one-of-a-kind American construction that combines the features of a helicopter and an airplane and is called by experts a convertible wing or a variable rotor. It can take off and land vertically, then rotate the engines and fly horizontally. In this way, it gains the unique ability of helicopters to operate without airports and at the same time much greater range and speed. The V-22 Osprey, despite its small size, can take on board up to 32 soldiers or up to 9 tons of cargo.

An operationally used machine of this class was created only by the Americans. A dozen V-22 Ospreys also have a treaty ally USA – Japan. Combining the features of various aircraft and the uniqueness of the machine resulted in its high unit cost of over USD 100 million. The V-22 Osprey is also considered very difficult to pilot. A total of about 400 machines of this type were produced.

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