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Warsaw. A white and red town. The employees of the courts and the prosecutor’s office joined the health care staff

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The workers of the courts and the prosecutor’s office joined the protesting health workers in the white town on Thursday. Together, they created a white and red town. They demand, inter alia, an increase in the number of employees, an improvement in work safety and a decent wage.

“White Town 2.0” near the Chancellery of the Prime Minister was deployed on September 11, as part of a protest by healthcare workers. Its form refers to the “White Town” of nurses founded in 2007. On Thursday afternoon, court workers from the Ad Rem union and the prosecutor’s office joined the protest from health workers. Together with the white town, they created a joint committee.

– We represent both officials, the so-called service, probation officers and assistant judges. The judiciary and prosecutor’s office workers have been protesting incessantly since July 5. It is significant that the minister of justice as the only minister of this government, despite the passage of three months, did not undertake any talks with representatives of employees – said Justyna Przybylska, president of the National Independent Self-Government Trade Union Ad Rem.



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The chairwoman mentioned the demands that are being demanded jointly by the representatives of the white and red town. First, they want to “absolutely” increase the number of employees. – We don’t have enough hands to work. We do not have time to treat this man who comes to us: this Mrs. Irenka, Mrs. Basia, Mr. Krzyś as he deserves. He comes to us with his life problems – legal and health. We do not want to treat these people as statistical data on the minister’s table. These are people for us, we want to have time for you – Przybylska said.

Another postulate concerns the elimination of mobbing. – To a greater or greater extent, this mobbing affects all of us. It is a completely undesirable phenomenon and requires immediate liquidation – emphasized the chairman.

They also want to improve the safety of employees. – You have heard many times that a paramedic was directly attacked in the course of work and suffered damage to his health. The same goes for court staff. I will recall only one of the cases when the probation officer, while performing his duties, was attacked with an ax by his ward and unfortunately this young woman lost her life orphaning children – Przybylska said.

The fourth postulates a change in the organization of work and the elimination of excessive bureaucracy. – Recent years have been a terrible, monstrous increase in office space that takes our hands to work and the time we want to spend for you, for people – she emphasized.

The last one concerns decent wages. – A salary that matches our skills, experience, knowledge and years devoted to learning. It is necessary for all of you, the whole society, to also have a competent service of people who will solve your legal and health problems – she concluded.

– The judiciary requires healing, health protection demands justice – Przybylska concluded.

“Don’t make us a balloon”

In turn, Jacek Skała, chairman of the Trade Union of Prosecutors and Prosecutors’ Office Employees, recalled that on September 10 a state of emergency was declared for Polish courts and Polish prosecutors. – A red march passed through the streets of Warsaw, we took our postulates to the legislature, to the parliament. On this red bus, which traveled with us along the streets of Warsaw, the following slogan was spread: do not blow us into a balloon and a moment later, right after politicians granted themselves much higher pay rises than we require , there was no dialogue with the political class – said Skała.

He added that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did not say a single word about the red march, and the minister of justice supported their leading postulate of salary indexation by 12 percent: courts and prosecutor’s offices with the average wage in the economy and on the adoption of a plan to modernize the prosecutor’s office. Also on the subject of mobbing, in courts, about which our friends from the courts talk about.

The president of the National Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives Krystyna Ptok said that the white town would support the red town. – We invite you to the red town, these are our friends and a friendly trade union, associated with us in the trade union forum. We will support employees of civil courts, declared Ptok.

Main photo source: TVN24

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