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Warsaw. Activists reached out to people who gave up driving. Stop Auto report

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You can live without a car. The City is Ours Association reached out to people who gave up driving a car. Some have sold the car, others use it occasionally. Four wheels were replaced with two or public transport. Experts asked how this decision changed their lives. Because she changed. And that’s how the “Auto Stop” report was created, which was studied by Łukasz Wieczorek in the “Polska i Świat” program.

Marta and I get on the tram. This is her favorite means of public transport. – It costs me less nerves in getting to the center, I can also observe people, take a walk to work later. I’m not nervous that I can’t find a parking space – says Marta Wiejak, who has given up driving around the city.

Traveling by public transport is cheaper and faster

Marta gave up the car when she found out that public transport is cheaper and faster. She has not sold the car, but she uses it very rarely, usually when she goes out of town. – Now I live in a well-connected place and this is a big plus, so if I have a choice, I don’t use the car – he adds. Marta is one of the 16 people who told the researchers what life without a car looks like. This is how the “Stop Auto” report was created. – The most interesting conclusion for me personally was that contrary to such a narrative that a car gives freedom and autonomy, in the city it can be completely the opposite. In the sense that the car is very often perceived as a limitation, and the decision to give up very often brings relief – says Dr. Justyna Orchowska from the City is Ours Association “I see only advantages, for example the fact that I move more, because that’s how I got into the car and I went to places where I parked right at the entrance, so I didn’t even have to go anywhere, “says the 51-year-old in the MJN report.

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MJN reached people who changed their car for public transportTVN24

More money in the account

When Mr. Patryk stopped working out of town six years ago, he gave up his car. The first thing he noticed was more money in the account.

– Driving a car is very stressful and I really appreciate that I can get to work by public transport, where I just get in and don’t worry about anything, I can read books – says Patryk Wancerz, who gave up driving on working days. Reading the report further, we also find statements from those who got rid of the car completely. “I don’t have to remember about insurance, I don’t have to worry about where the car is, whether it’s rusting or taking the battery out for the winter or wintering it somewhere. I don’t have to worry about it just totally,” the 29-year-old says. ? In recent years, the increasing cost of its maintenance has been significant. – About 20 percent of those under 30 no longer have a driving license and do not use a car on a daily basis. However, we have other studies, these are market studies that show that more people use a car, but not their own car, but from rentals – indicates Krzysztof Gubański, a sociologist of the city from the Green Mazowsze Association.

MJN reached people who changed their car for public transportTVN24

The car ceases to be an indicator of social position

The City is Ours report shows that people who are close to the bus stop most often give up the car. The car itself ceases to be an indicator of social position for the new generation. – Our interlocutors aged 20-30 did not treat this car as a symbol of status – says Dr. Michalena Grzelka from the City is Our Association. Many Poles are still condemned to a car because there is no alternative. Transport exclusion is not falling, although there is more money to reactivate PKSs.

– It’s like with 500 plus. We also give money for 500 plus, and we have fewer and fewer children. And we have exactly the same thing in transport, we spend money, but we have not developed a mechanism that would actually encourage more transport, says Dr. Michał Wolański from the Warsaw School of Economics.

– I would encourage people to give it a try, make an experiment to avoid using the car for a month – sums up Marta Wiejak.

In Warsaw, despite efficient public transport, cars rule. For over 1.8 million registered people, over 2.1 million vehicles are registered.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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