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Warsaw. Activists want to mark the missing zebra at Wileński Square

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The intersection of “Solidarności” and Targowa avenues is one of the most important transfer hubs in right-bank Warsaw. There are three above-ground pedestrian crossings, but the fourth is missing. A petition was created in which activists point to the need to mark it. A representative of the road builders explains that the site needs more reorganization, and this takes money and time.

Activists gathered around the City Jest Our association would like an additional ground pedestrian crossing on Vilnius Square. They presented their idea in a slogan to the Road Traffic Management Office, which has so far been signed by 300 people.

“We are applying for the construction of the missing ground crossing at Targowa Street, which will close the lane system at the intersection with Aleja Solidarności. Zebra will fit well not only with the layout of entrances to the Dworzec Wileński metro station, but also with the direction of action taken in most European capitals, where this is moving away from underground passages in favor of the comfort of residents of cities and towns” – we read in the petition.

The crossing will facilitate movement without harming drivers

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Its authors emphasize that the additional ground crossing will not only facilitate movement, but also “improve pedestrian safety without affecting car traffic.”

“Plac Wileński is not only one of the major transport hubs in Praga-Północ, but also in the whole of Warsaw. Changing from bus to tram often requires walking around intersections, underground passages or forcing you to cover long distances between stops” – the authors of the petition point out. “Laying out the missing ground crossing will save a few minutes for those transferring” – they point out.

According to the activists, the additional crossing “will make it possible to get to the other side of the street without hindering the situation of drivers who stop at this place on a red light anyway.”

Multi-threaded task

We asked the Municipal Roads Authority whether it is possible to mark out a pedestrian crossing in this place and whether the city plans to introduce any changes there in the near future.

In response, Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for ZDM, emphasized that it is possible to mark out such a crossing, as well as the reconstruction of this intersection “combined with the reorganization of bus and tram stops, as well as the construction of underground connections and exits from the subway”. – It takes money and time. We don’t have it on the agenda at the moment,” Dybalski said.

At the same time, he admitted that the fourth crossing is indeed missing at Wileński Square. – This is not the only place like this in the capital and step by step we are ticking off the next points where we allow passage on the level of the sidewalk, such as around the Dmowski roundabout or earlier, the Czterdziestolatka roundabout. Over the last few years, we have designated about thirty zebras in important places – emphasized Dybalski. – The Wileński Railway Station will also eventually undergo such a change, but a cursory glance is enough to realize that it is a multithreaded task – he concluded.

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Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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