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Warsaw. Actor Antoni Królikowski had his driving license suspended

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Antoni Królikowski was arrested by the police on Saturday. Officers checked the car he was driving. A drug test showed that the 34-year-old may be under the influence of drugs. The actor’s license was suspended.

Antoni Królikowski was arrested by the police on Saturday afternoon in Warsaw’s Wola district. The officers suspected that the actor sitting in the car was intoxicated. – The driver has been tested for alcohol. He was sober. However, a drug test showed that he may be under the influence of drugs, the capital police said.

– During the police intervention, the man’s driving license was also stopped – said Marta Sulowska from the Warsaw IV District Police Headquarters. The police officer added that an investigation into the matter is underway. – Activities are ongoing. We are awaiting the results of the blood test.

Statement by Antoni Królikowski

The actor referred to the event by publishing a statement on his Instagram account.

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“The arrest took place around 4:00 p.m. at 16 Karolkowa Street, right after I left my apartment for Asi (Joanna Opozda, Królikowski’s ex-wife – PAP note) to meet my son,” Antoni Królikowski wrote.

“The officers, due to the notification received that at this time and in this place I will appear allegedly under the influence of illegal substances, they were waiting for me near my place of residence. I was detained for inspection, the alcohol-test showed that I was sober, but the drug-test detected THC, which I use to support my treatment and which I used last night,” he said.

He said a blood test had been done and he was waiting for the results. “In the case of regular use of medical marijuana, even in small amounts, the concentration may persist even though I was not using cannabis on the day of arrest,” he argued.

He also stated that he “doesn’t use drugs”.

Antoni KrólikowskiRadoslaw NAWROCKI / Forum

Main photo source: Radoslaw NAWROCKI / Forum

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