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Warsaw. Actor Bartłomiej M. convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl

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The District Court in Warsaw issued a verdict in the case of the actor and former TV presenter, Radio Zet reported. Bartłomiej M. was convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl. The judgment is final

The convicted actor was associated with the Civic Platform in 2005, but in 2011 and 2015 he ran for the Sejm as a candidate of Law and Justice. In the judgment of June 18, the District Court in Warsaw accepted the appeal of the injured girl's attorney and sentenced the accused to 5 years' imprisonment, the radio reported.

Bartłomiej M. will also be responsible in another trial in which other young women are injured.

The excuse was photo sessions

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The indictment against Bartłomiej M. was filed by the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. Investigators accused M. of committing 14 crimes against sexual freedom from 2004 to 2016.

– According to the findings of the investigation, the accused, under the pretext of taking photo sessions, lured teenage girls, the youngest of whom were 14 and the oldest 17, mainly to the apartment he rented in Warsaw, and then, after giving them alcohol or drugs, he led them to sexual intercourse or other sexual activities – informed Marcin Saduś, spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, after the indictment was prepared.

They drank a drink and lost consciousness

In their testimonies, the teenagers indicated that M. suggested that he was a famous and influential television actor and that “professional sessions could promote them.” – However, the accused was not a professional photographer, he never exhibited photos with naked women, and he never received remuneration for the sessions – Saduś explained.

– The evidence shows that he gained the trust of minors and took advantage of their naivety and lack of experience. The victims also indicated that in hindsight they felt differently than after drinking alcohol alone. The victims often lost consciousness or were half asleep and limp, the prosecutor explained.

13 injured women

The prosecutor accused the 55-year-old man of committing nine rapes, including four against minors under 15 years of age. Bartłomiej M. was also charged with having contact with minors under 15 years of age, possessing pornographic content with the participation of such people, as well as establishing contact with the purpose of recording such content. 13 women had the status of victims.

– During the investigation, Bartłomiej M. was interrogated several times. He consistently pleaded not guilty to committing the acts he was accused of and provided explanations that were inconsistent with other evidence obtained by the prosecutor. The suspect explained the consistency of the victims' testimonies regarding his modus operandi as a conspiracy of unspecified persons, the prosecutor said.

We managed to collect evidence that allowed us to establish not only the identities of 13 women injured over a period of 12 years, but also to present M. with as many as 14 charges.

Earlier, in 2020, the court sentenced the man to two years and 11 months in prison. M. was also prohibited from approaching the 16-year-old. Two years later, the actor was acquitted.

Radio Zet, tvnwarszawa.pl

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