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Warsaw. After returning from vacation, she found a gecko in the suitcase

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According to the municipal police, a resident of Mokotów, after returning from vacation, found a gecko in a suitcase. The lizard found its way to the CITES Center of the Warsaw Zoo.

– What a great surprise was one of the inhabitants of Mokotów, when she noticed… eyes staring at her in her belongings. The slightly bewildered owner of the travel bag quickly realized that they belonged to a living lizard – reports Jerzy Jabraszko from the press section of the city guard.


The woman immediately called the emergency number of the city guard. – An officer and an officer from Ekopatrol, upon arrival at the place, stated that it was a small gecko. He had no visible wounds, he was only weakened by an uncomfortable journey – explained Jabraszko.

The gecko was caught and transported to the CITES Center of the Warsaw Zoo, where, under the professional supervision of specialists, he will be able to recover.

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A resident of Mokotów found a gecko in a suitcaseMunicipal Police

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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