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Warsaw. After the failure, they were left without water, because there are no accurate maps

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After a pipe burst, water flooded Hektarowa Street in Wilanów. MPWiK services appeared on the spot. The leak was brought under control while shutting off the water supply to two buildings. Their residents learned from waterworks that they should remove the failure at their own expense, because the broken connection is not on the MPWiK maps. Finally, six days after reporting the failure, the water reaches their homes again.

Last Friday, water began to flow out from under the roadway of Hektarowa Street. – We have notified the MPWiK. They appeared quickly, turned off the valve, the water stopped spilling – says Tomasz Kolipas, who lives at Hektarowa Street. – We hoped for a quick repair, but on Friday at MPWiK we found out that we would not be able to fix much before the weekend – he adds.

Repair at own expense

Near the intersection of Hektarowa and Syta, waterworkers set up a water tanker. – On Monday morning, in the office of the Warsaw waterworks, we heard that they could not make repairs. As a reason, they stated that the damaged pipe is not on their maps – says Renata Giedrowicz, a resident of Hektarowa. – We were offered to try to repair the pipe ourselves, or to write an application requesting the removal of the failure. With the fact that MPWiK has 30 days to respond, residents add. According to their accounts, the whole situation is even more strange because the capital’s waterworks have already made repairs here twice: in January 2021 and at the beginning of this year. – I am terrified of the cost of such a repair, and secondly, it is very difficult to find a contractor who could start work overnight – tells us Tomasz Kolipas. – In addition, the district office told me that before we start work, we need a permit, among other things, to occupy the road lane. All this will continue and we will be left without water – he adds annoyed.

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No exact maps

According to data from the MPWiK website, on Wednesday at 12 noon there was no water supply failure in Warsaw, although the inhabitants of Hektarowa had no water since Friday. We asked the spokesman for waterworks about their situation and the reasons for the lack of repair (for six days) of the damaged pipe. In a message sent to our editorial office, Marek Smółka confirmed that last Friday at 10.50 “the water emergency service received a report about the outflow of water at Hektarowa 8”. “Employees who reached the site of the failure found that it occurred on a connection that is not operated by the company. This means that the removal is not within the competence of the Warsaw Waterworks, so it was decided to clarify this issue, while providing residents with water from water tanker” – describes the spokesman. As he explains further, “the lack of clarity regarding the status of the network at the site of the failure resulted from the fact that the company took over the water supply network in the Wilanów district from the district office on the basis of an agreement concluded in 2009, and the obligations arising from the agreement, including the removal of failures, concerned water pipes, which were managed by the office at that time.

The representative of MPWiK admits that “at that time there were no sufficiently accurate maps for this area, which would be used by us (MPWIK – ed.) to determine the route of the network in the area of ​​ul. Hektarowa, and in particular the connection supplying the property at ul. Hektarowa 8 and 10”.

The spokesman noted that the residents were explained “the status of the infrastructure in which the failure occurred and that it is not in operation of the company”. He assured that on Wednesday the waterworks will start to remove the failure. “The contractor for this task has already been sent to the site. However, what is important, the company’s employees informed the residents of these two properties that the connection, where another failure occurred, is suitable for immediate replacement” – pointed out Smółka.

“Recipients are not to blame”

On Wednesday around noon, the MPWiK team appeared again on Hektarowa. A few hours later, the failure was removed and the water flows back to the buildings. – Due to the nuisance related to the lack of running water for recipients who are not to blame for the situation and in conditions of high temperature, guided, as always, by the good of the residents, today we completed the removal of the failure – informed Marek Smółka.

Author:Artur Wegrzynowicz

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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