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Warsaw. Agrounia representative to the policemen: “Why are you following us?”. Translation spokesperson

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The three policemen were near Michał Kołodziejczak from Agrounia all the time. They explained that “they have a report of intervention in the area.” A party spokeswoman replied that she had taken a photo of them two blocks away. A spokesman for the metropolitan police commented on the matter.

Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of Agrounia, who will run in the elections from the list of the Civic Coalition, organized a press conference on Monday in front of the headquarters of the government television in Warsaw. Representatives of Agrounia accused television employees of propaganda, extremely critical portrayal of Kołodziejczak after the decision to start from the KO lists and “instilling pure hatred in people”.

“Why are you following us?”

After the conference, Natalia Żyto, Agrounia’s spokeswoman, posted a two-minute recording on her account on the X platform, signed: “Free Poland, or free jokes? After the conference, officers are following us in front of TVP.”

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In the video we see three policemen. Rye approaches them and asks: “Why are you following us?”. In response, he hears that officers have received a report of an incident in the area. “No, you follow us from TVP” – the woman replies and argues that she took a picture of the same policemen two blocks away. They, however, maintain the version of the report in the area.

The recording ends when Michał Kołodziejczak is standing around the corner of one of the streets, and a moment later the same policemen come out.

“It’s about patrolling a specific area, not tracking”

We asked Sylwester Marczak, a spokesman for the Warsaw police, about the case.

– In place of media events accompanied by emotions, additional forces are always directed. Police officers from the so-called emergency routes receive a notification from the staffs of given regional units to take appropriate action. It’s about patrolling a specific area, not tracking, he said.

Main photo source: Natalia Żyto, Twitter

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