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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Warsaw. An extraordinary session of the Praga Południe council is to dismiss mayor Adam C.

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On Thursday, an extraordinary session of the Praga Południe district council will take place regarding the dismissal of the deputy mayor of the district, Adam C. The official was detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. He was temporarily arrested. He is facing corruption allegations.

Mayor Tomasz Kucharski (KO) applied for convening the session. The mayor made the motion to convene the meeting on Wednesday. On Tuesday, PiS district councilors submitted their motion to convene an extraordinary session of the district council of Praga-Południe. The proposed agenda would include: information from the mayor of Praga-Południe on the action of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in the district office of Praga Południe on July 11, 2023.

In the submitted application, the councilors clarified that, in particular, it concerns the backstage of the recommendation given by Mayor Tomasz Kucharski to Adam C. at the session of the district council in December 2018. Then he recommended him as his deputy. The councilors also want to know what was the mode of employment at the district office of the head of the architecture and construction department. They also demand information on administrative decisions issued by the detained deputy mayor, plans for the detained persons and planned inspection activities at the district office.

Their application is processed according to different rules and they have to wait seven days for a response.

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The CBA entered the district office

On July 11, officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw they detained Adam C., the deputy mayor of the district and Jacek G., head of the architecture and construction department in Praga Południe. Two entrepreneurs were also detained. The detainees were charged with active and passive corruption, false declaration of assets, abuse of powers by a public official and issuing and using unreliable invoices.

The deputy mayor will be arrested for two months, and one entrepreneur for a month. In relation to the head of the prosecutor, the prosecutor applied for police supervision and property surety, and in the case of the second entrepreneur for supervision.

What is Adam C suspected of?

According to the investigators, the deputy mayor managed a development company, formally registered in the name of his father, and benefited from his activities. He concealed this fact in his asset declaration. As part of his business activity, he accepted and recorded in the company’s books and used in the declarations a false invoice for the amount of PLN 492,000. zloty. In addition, acting with another developer, he hired, as the head of the architecture and construction department of the district office of Praga Południe, an official of the Rembertów district, Jan G., in exchange for issuing a building permit and approving the construction project without notifying the parties to the proceedings of these decisions.

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Michał Domaradzki about the detention by the CBATVN24

Main photo source: Szymon Pulcyn/PAP

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