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Warsaw and Krakow. “Stop torture at the border.” The marches

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A march of solidarity with migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border is going through the capital. It is also a protest against the actions of the Polish government in this matter. The parade started at the de Gaulle roundabout, passed the Sejm and Plac Konstytucji, the destination was the vicinity of the Centrum metro station. It was also manifested in Krakow.

Sunday’s protest in the form of a march is a protest against the actions of the Polish government on the border with Belarus. Its participants are demanding an end to the deportations and pushbacks used by the border guards against those nomadic at the border. They criticize the authorities for introducing a state of emergency at the border and accuse the government of leaving refugees “to die”.

As reported after 2:15 PM, TVN24 reporter Maja Wójcikowska, the march started from the vicinity of de Gaulle roundabout. – The activists’ speeches have just ended. “Stop torture at the border”, “disgrace” or “there are no illegal people” are the screams we hear. We also hear that this is a “critical moment”, because what is happening on the border is “cruelty” – said the TVN24 reporter. After 3 p.m. the march arrived in front of the Seym. Then he went on Piękna street to Konstytucji Square. After 4:20 p.m. the forehead was already at the Dmowski roundabout, the end of the event was planned.

Maja Wójcikowska managed to talk to a few protesters. – Every morning when I wake up, I cry because I can’t imagine what these people are going through in the forest, when it’s cold and hungry. You can’t leave it like that – said one of the protesting women. – The government goes to masses, prays in Częstochowa, and does what it does – she added.

– I am very sad that I live in a country where everyone will be displaying plates for strangers in two months. And right now, most people don’t mind that people are dying on our border. I came here out of ordinary human instinct and duty, said the protesting man.

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The march passed through the center of the capitalPaweł Supernak, PAP

Flags made of thermal blanketsPaweł Supernak, PAP

“All Europe is doing a business out of fear of refugees”

Director Agnieszka Holland is also participating in the march. – I do not agree with the methods used by our authorities, illegal pushbacks and, above all, the consent and even participation in the death of adults on the border, including women and children – said Holland. – We cannot allow innocent people on our land and in a sense with the contribution of our authorities and functionaries to be put to death – she added.

As the director said, “all of Europe is doing a business out of fear of refugees.” – These people do not run away because they have such a whim, but because it is impossible to live in the countries where they live (…). What is now called the wave of illegal migrants is nothing, a breeze compared to the millions who will be on the borders of a rich and full Europe in a few years – said Agnieszka Holland.

The Sunday demonstration was organized by over 30 feminist groups. The initiators of the demonstration were, among others, Janina Ochojska, Agata Młynarska and prof. Monika Płatek.

Director Agnieszka Holland is participating in the marchTVN24

“At least seven people lost their lives through the actions of the government”

This is how the event was announced on Facebook: “For almost two months, the Polish authorities have been taking actions that have resulted in the loss of lives of at least seven people seeking refuge in Poland and Europe. The lives of another several hundred people who try to get out of the border forests are at risk. They are among them. they are small children. They are refugees and refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and other countries facing war, persecution and violence. “

As it was written, the Polish services do not allow campers on the border to receive the asylum procedure, do not provide them with medical assistance, and “illegally deport refugees to the Polish-Belarusian border”. “The so-called pushbacks are undertaken without exception: against adults and children, against the thirsty, hungry, cold and sick. These cruel actions by the authorities contributed to the death of six people, including a 16-year-old boy from Iraq. their families were taken away from the Border Guard post in Michałów to somewhere in the forest. It is not known what is happening to them. It is not known whether they are alive “- wrote the organizers of the march.

They also noticed that the state of emergency blocks access to reliable information “about the fate of people pushed out of Poland and staying in border forests”.

They also manifest in Krakow

The march of solidarity with migrants also takes place in Krakow. Participants met at 3 p.m. at the Town Hall Tower on the Main Square. From there they went to the headquarters of Law and Justice at Retoryka Street, where protesters wrote slogans of their opposition to what was happening on the border with chalk. – Each of us can find ourselves in such a situation, everyone can be a refugee – they shouted in the Main Square.

The banners show the following slogans: “Stop torture at the border” and “Where is the border of humanity?”.

March of solidarity with migrants in Krakow17.10 | The march of solidarity with migrants also takes place in Krakow. The participants met at 3 p.m. at the town hall tower on the Main Square. From there, they are to move to the headquarters of Law and Justice at Retoryka Street.TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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