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Warsaw. Anti-fascist street party on the occasion of Independence Day

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The anti-fascist march under the slogan “For Our and Your Freedom!” walked on Thursday from Unii Lubelskiej Square to Trzech Krzyży Square. Participants brought rainbow flags and banners with them. There were also gestures and words of solidarity with migrant women and migrants. One of them were flags made of golden thermal blankets.

The demonstration of the Antifascist Coalition on November 11 was held under the slogan “For Your Freedom and Ours!”. “We have a lot of anger and frustration about what the government looks and does with its dirty people – nationalist organizations” – the organizers explained the idea of ​​this march earlier. As they emphasized, they do not want to “get caught up in their spiral of hatred and aggression”.

“We oppose the cult of death and suffering the most important values ​​for you and us; freedom, equality and mutual help. We will not give them the streets of our city – we will mark our presence on the day they want to make a festival of hatred and terror. And instead of burning energy in empty anger – we’ll do it while having fun! ” – they pointed.


They made flags from thermal blankets

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The demonstration of the Coalition moved from Unii Lubelskiej Square to Trzech Krzyży Square. At the head of the march, the demonstrators had a banner with the words “Poland. A safe house for all, instead of a besieged fortress”. There were rainbow flags and NRC thermal foils which were also made into flags. Some took the flags of the Left and Antifa with them. The participants of the march were accompanied by loud music and live performances, during which it was noted that “it is a bad idea for a march of racism and intolerance to go through Warsaw on November 11”. The participants marched to the beat of the drums.

As announced by the organizers, the “Hospitality Block”, organized as part of the national social and artistic initiative, the March of Hospitality, was walking close to the front of the street party. | Together, we will express our opposition to the brutal nationalist policy on the border “- they indicated.

The protest was secured by the police. Officers were also positioned around the church of St. Alexander.

After 5 p.m. the demonstration ended and the participants dispersed.

On tvnwarszawa.pl we also reported on the march of nationalists:

Main photo source: Albert Zawada / PAP

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