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Warsaw. Army and police at Filters. Exercises Socrates-24. RCB Alert

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The capital's water utilities, together with the services, are taking part in the Sokrates-24 exercise, which will last until Tuesday. Their purpose is to check the effectiveness of the company's actions in the event of threats.

A concerned Internet user contacted the editorial office of Kontakt 24. “The entire Filtry area is surrounded by armed troops and police,” he wrote.

It's exercise

Exercise Socrates-24 is taking place June 17 and 18 at Filtry at Koszykowa Street, managed by the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company. Together with the services responsible for security – including: Police, Municipal Guard and Polish Army – the company checks the effectiveness of actions in crisis situations, so as to maintain continuity of, for example, water supplies in a crisis situation.

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– Safety is a fundamental issue for us – especially in these difficult times. We are in Filter territory, where special exercises Sokrates-24 are underway. Employees of Warsaw's waterworks cooperate with the services, preparing for all scenarios in terms of securing critical infrastructure, said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, who observed the exercises. He also recalled that the city is cooperating with the government on the new civil defense law.

Exercises on Filters Contact 24

The RCB alert came

Residents were warned about the Sokrates-24 exercises in advance by means of an RCB alert. On Sunday, people staying in Warsaw received an SMS sent by the Government Security Center with information that on Monday and Tuesday there will be service exercises involving pyrotechnics on Czajki and Koszykowa streets.

“Attention! On June 17 and 18, on June 17 and 18, at Czajki and Koszykowa Streets in Warsaw, there will be exercises with the use of pyrotechnics (noise and smoke). Stay calm and follow the instructions,” it was written in the text message.

What is an RCB alert?

RCB Alert – this is a new SMS threat warning system. People who find themselves in a potential danger area will receive a warning SMS on their mobile phone. It doesn't matter what network your phone is on. Operators are obliged to immediately send a message to all users in the area specified by the RCB director. Messages are issued only in exceptional situations that may pose a real threat to human life and health.

Text messages (SMS) are sent only in extraordinary situations when life and health are directly at risk, depending on the circumstances.

RCB Alert does not violate data security. SMS messages are sent by the mobile network operator used by a given phone. The Government Security Center does not collect or process data. The task of the RCB is only to send the acquired information about the threat to mobile network operators.

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Main photo source: Contact 24

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