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Warsaw. Arrest and charges against the driver who stabbed a pedestrian in the center. They quarreled over a damaged car

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw charged with the attempted murder of a driver who wounded a pedestrian in the center with a knife on Saturday. According to the spokesman of this prosecutor’s office, the man did not plead guilty to the alleged acts and submitted explanations in which he questioned his guilt. Unofficially, we established that the driver had a row with a group of people that one of them damaged the suspect’s Audi.

On Saturday evening, at the corner of Nowogrodzka and Krucza streets, the driver of the Audi hit a pedestrian and then “injured him with a dangerous tool”. According to the reader of Kontakt 24, a group of men walking along Krucza Street wanted to cross the lanes at Nowogrodzka Street at a red light. An oncoming Audi driver was supposed to hit one of them. “After the hit, he stopped, left the car and stabbed the lying person three blows with a knife” – wrote the reader in a message to the editorial office of Kontakt. A day later, Małgorzata Wersocka from the press department of the capital city command told us that there was an argument between the driver and the pedestrian on the lanes: – The driver took out a dangerous tool and injured a pedestrian.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw informed on Tuesday about the charges against the driver. – The prosecutor accused the man of trying to kill a pedestrian by stabbing him with a knife, among others, in the area of ​​the back and chest. Interrogated as a suspect, the man did not plead guilty to the alleged acts and provided explanations in which he questioned his guilt – prosecutor Marek Skrzetuski, replacing the press spokeswoman for the Civic Platform in Warsaw, reported.


He added that he was also temporarily arrested: – Due to the fear of fraud and the threat of severe punishment, the prosecutor decided to submit to the court a motion to temporarily arrest the suspect for a period of three months. The court granted the request and on Tuesday issued a decision on the temporary detention of the man for the requested period. Currently, activities are underway to clarify the circumstances of the case, including determining the exact course of the event. – It was dynamic and resulted, among other things, in a brawl between its participants. Experts will also be called to assess the extent of injuries sustained by the victim as a result of the incident. Only after appropriate arrangements will be made will possible further procedural decisions as to the course of the proceedings be taken, summed up Skrzetuski.

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Unofficial: indignant French attacked with a pocket knife

Neither the police nor the prosecutor’s office provide detailed information about the course of the dispute. However – as we have established unofficially – the reason for the aggressive behavior of the driver – a French citizen – was probably outrage over the damage to the rare Audi R8 worth several hundred thousand zlotys, which he was driving.

It is not known whether there was a collision earlier, because the witnesses, the victim and the driver say otherwise. According to witnesses, the car touched the man crossing the lanes very gently. The victim’s account shows that he was hit so badly that he fell over the hood of the car and thus damaged it. The driver claims that there was no collision with a pedestrian, only the man damaged the car deliberately.

During the brawl, the French took out a sharp tool and stabbed the man several times with it. Later the item threw away. Most likely, the sharp tool was a pocket knife. The driver’s fiancée, who was traveling with him, was a witness to the incident. According to our source, the man gave her an engagement ring and she gave him a pocket knife in return so that he “could protect himself”.

After the incident in the center of Warsaw, the driver reported to the District Police Headquarters VII covering the area of ​​Praga Południe, Wawer, Rembertów and Wesoła. All he said was that the car was damaged. Then he was arrested.

Main photo source: Reader, Contact 24

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