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Warsaw. Arrest for a drug offense

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The police arrested a 45-year-old man wanted for a drug offense. Sentenced to one year in prison, he also had significant amounts of marijuana on himself and in the premises where he stayed. At the request of the Warsaw Ochota District Prosecutor’s Office, the court decided to place the man in custody for a period of three months.

Police officers from the capital’s Intelligence and Patrol Department determined the address of an apartment in Warsaw’s Włochy district, where a man wanted for drug trafficking was supposed to be staying. Convicted by a final judgment, the 45-year-old hid from justice and had to serve a year in prison.

My roommate opened the door for the police

As we read in the statement, the intelligence officers first decided to observe the premises used by the wanted person.

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“Everything indicated that the apartment was being used. The door to the apartment was opened to the officers by his roommate. During the conversation, however, the wanted man entered the premises. Surprised by the police’s visit, he did not even try to escape,” the officers say.

“However, this was not the end of the Turkish citizen’s problems. In the backpack with which he came to the apartment, the intelligence officers found a plastic bag containing dried herb. As it turned out, it was marijuana. The officers also checked the apartment. In the premises, the police also found illegal herb in two jars and an electronic scale. They seized a total of nearly 160 grams of the drug,” they add.

A 45-year-old Turkish citizen was detainedKSP

Charges and imprisonment

The 45-year-old detained at the Warsaw Ochota District Prosecutor’s Office was charged with possession of a significant amount of narcotic drugs, for which he faces up to 10 years in prison. Then, at the prosecutor’s request, the court decided to place the man in detention for three months.

He will also not avoid a one-year prison sentence imposed by the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów for a previously committed drug offense.

Main photo source: KSP

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