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Warsaw. Arrest for death threats against a neighbor and her 4-year-old son. Police: A 39-year-old sprayed a child’s bike with a caustic substance

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A man arrested by the police from Mokotów was to threaten the death of a 22-year-old neighbor and her four-year-old son. He is also suspected of dousing the child’s bicycle with a corrosive substance that irritated the boy’s hands and eyes. During the intervention, the 39-year-old’s partner was also taken to the police cell, because she was accused of obstructing the detention, violating the bodily integrity of the police and deliberately damaging the police car. Both are now facing jail.

The source of the neighborly conflict was the children’s bicycle left in front of the 22-year-old’s apartment. According to the Mokotów police, the 39-year-old was to threaten the woman that he would hurt her and the child if the two-wheeler would still be standing at the door. At the end of last week, the conflict escalated.

– The man sprayed a caustic substance on the handlebar and frame of the children’s bicycle. When the four-year-old got on his little vehicle, the handles began to bake him. Instinctively, he rubbed the dangerous substance into his eyes. The case required the intervention of a doctor. The child with her mother went to the emergency room. The eyes were saved, but they were very irritated – reports Robert Koniuszy, press officer of the Warsaw II District Police Headquarters.

As she adds, when the 22-year-old returned to the apartment, she was once again the victim of threats from her neighbor. Then she called the police to the scene. – The victim told the uniformed that the neighbor had threatened to cut her child’s head off, kill her, break her legs and arms, and cut her throat when it was dark. She also told how he poured a caustic substance on her son’s bicycle, exposing him to loss of health – Koniuszy enumerates. The man was also supposed to damage the surveillance camera in the stairwell, but the device managed to record his actions.


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He resisted, she scratched the police car

When the policemen went to the 39-year-old’s apartment, he did not plead guilty. He also put up resistance to the news of the detention. – He said that it is impossible to move out of the apartment and he will not leave alone. Therefore, they helped him with the uniform by using handcuffs and transport holds – explains Koniuszy.

The course of the detention was made difficult, according to the police, by the 39-year-old’s partner. As the press officer of the Mokotów command describes, the woman challenged and jerked the officers. – While placing the suspect in the police car, the woman took off her watch and scratched the varnish with a sharp part of the bracelet. She was overpowered and arrested – adds Koniuszy.

Both were dealt with by investigators from the Mokotów Division for combating crime against property. The detainee was charged with insulting the policemen, violating their inviolability and deliberately damaging the police car. The woman pleaded guilty and was released home. Her case will go to court, she faces up to five years in prison.

Police: after returning from headquarters, he threatened again

A 39-year-old may also be sentenced to a similar sentence, but in his case the list of charges is longer. The prosecutor accused him of using criminal threats and exposing the four-year-old to the immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to health.

Initially, the man was placed under police supervision and was forbidden to approach the victim. – It quickly turned out where the man has bans imposed on him. The first thing he did after returning home was to stand in front of the victim’s door and, accompanied by profanity, shouted that now it would surely kill her – describes Koniuszy.

After this incident, the man was arrested again and heard another charge. On the other hand, the prosecutor’s office applied for pre-trial detention. The court granted the request and decided that the 39-year-old would be there three months before the trial.

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