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Warsaw. Arrest on Brzeska Street

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Police officers from the Intelligence and Patrol Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters detained a young man on Brzeska Street who was sorting drugs. – When they decided to check the same place 10 hours later, it turned out that there was an 18-year-old there who also had a significant amount of illegal substances – said the capital police. The officers seized nearly 850 dealer portions of drugs, i.e. heroin, amphetamine, mephedrone, marijuana and MDPV tablets.

Within 10 hours, officers of the capital’s Intelligence and Patrol Department detained two young men in the same place, specifically on Brzeska Street, suspected of possessing a significant amount of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

“Czajka” did not have time to warn his colleague

The incident took place in the first week of November. The first man fell an hour before midnight. As the police approached one of the gates, they noticed a light burning in a wooden shelter in the yard.

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“There was a ‘detector’ in front of the gate. When the person performing this role realized that the police were probably approaching, he warned his colleague. The intelligence officers ran into the courtyard and headed towards the shelter. Inside they found a surprised man sitting in a chair and sorting a box aluminum foil bundles. There were as many as 410 of them,” said Bartłomiej Śniadała from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

As he specified, they contained marijuana, heroin, mephedrone and amphetamine. “The box also contained almost 80 MDPV tablets. The officers found over PLN 4,000 on the detainee. The drugs and cash were seized, and the 21-year-old was detained and taken to the police detention center in Praga Północ. His fate was shared by a 29-year-old standing in front of the gate, who he warned his younger colleague about the police action,” added the policeman.

In the morning, another stop in the same place

However, the police also went to Brzeska the next day around 9 a.m. “When they approached the yard, they noticed a man there throwing a box and a bag onto the roof of a wooden shelter. Surprised by the sight of the officers, he did not respond to the shout of ‘Police!’ he tried to escape, unsuccessfully. The reason for the escape was the contents of the discarded items. It was no surprise to the intelligence officers that they found bundles of heroin, amphetamine, marijuana and mephedrone,” Śniadała informs.

The 18-year-old, like his predecessor, was placed in a police cell in the North Praga police station. The drugs found in the box and bag were seized. “In this case, there were over 360 carefully prepared portions,” the officer reports.

Both the 21-year-old and the 18-year-old who were found with drugs were charged with possessing a significant amount of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

At the request of the prosecutor of the Warsaw-Praga Północ District Prosecutor’s Office, the court decided to temporarily arrest both men for three months. They face a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

However, a 29-year-old “on watch” who warned his friend about the arrival of policemen was charged with being a supporter. This offense is punishable by up to five years in prison. Moreover, he was placed under police supervision by the prosecutor.

The proceedings are supervised by the Warsaw-Praga Północ District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

Main photo source: KSP

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