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Monday, November 29, 2021

Warsaw. At the Southern Hospital, work is underway on the construction of a new oxygen installation

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At the South Hospital, where the defect occurred two weeks ago, the construction of a new, independent oxygen installation is underway. From November 12, the facility is to resume admitting covid patients – said the capital city hall.

Pursuant to the decision of the Minister of Health, the Southern Hospital has a temporary covid hospital with 300 places for the treatment of people infected with the coronavirus. Two weeks ago there was a fault in the oxygen system there. As the town hall explained, the reason was the large number of patients, some of whom needed to be connected to respirators – it generated a huge simultaneous intake of oxygen and resulted in exceeding the efficiency of the installation.

The project was developed at an express pace

City deputy mayor Renata Kaznowska, who is responsible for health-related matters in the city hall, announced on Friday that the city had taken immediate steps to expand the oxygen installation so that the Southern Hospital could resume admitting patients as soon as possible. – Without the construction of a whole new, independent oxygen system, a return to full occupancy is not possible. We keep informing about the work schedule of the representatives of the Masovian Voivode – emphasized the vice-president quoted in the city’s communiqué.

As she added, the design of the new installation was developed at an express pace and construction works are already underway. – Their completion, i.e. the construction of an independent additional internal network and an external installation for the oxygen tank, as well as the necessary commissioning, are planned according to the schedule next week. The hospital plans to start admitting patients next Friday (November 12). If we manage to finish, at least one day earlier, we will be very pleased – she pointed out.

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The city informs that the contractor has already installed brackets for connecting the new oxygen system, opened spaces in the ceilings and is carrying out advanced construction works on the premises of the facility. The assembly of elements of the new oxygen network has already started.

Huge oxygen uptake. The network has been overloaded

The City Hall recalled that on Sunday, October 24, the facility broke a record for the number of admitted patients – 270 people were hospitalized at that time. All treated patients required oxygen therapy at various levels, including connection to hi-flow devices (high-flow oxygen therapy device) and ventilators. Due to the simultaneous huge uptake of oxygen supplied to patients hospitalized in the Southern Hospital the oxygen network was overloaded more than twice and the system components were damaged (more precisely – reducers).

Three days later, a crisis management team was convened at the hospital with the participation of the Mazowieckie voivode, who decided that the patients should remain in the facility. The next morning the reducers were replaced. “There was no need to relocate patients. However, due to the enormous excess of oxygen uptake, it was necessary to suspend the admissions of patients and descend to the simultaneous oxygen intake at the level of about 100 cubic meters per hour” – indicated the town hall.

The city recalled that the Southern Hospital was designed as a multi-profile medical facility, not a covid hospital, where it is necessary to connect almost 300 patients to oxygen at the same time. “The capacity of the existing installation is approx. 100 cubic meters of oxygen per hour, and the demand for oxygen uptake was over 220 cubic meters per hour: – the town hall noted

Main photo source: City Hall

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