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Warsaw. Attack on the bus driver. The passenger was taken away by the police in a protective helmet and a straitjacket

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While patrolling Praga-Południe, city guards noticed a bus that was blocking traffic. It turned out that the passenger attacked the driver. He was also aggressive towards guards and policemen. The 22-year-old was wanted in connection with robbery and property damage.

In the evening, on March 15, during a patrol, city guards noticed a city bus number 188, standing at the intersection of Wiatraczna and Prochowa Streets. The vehicle was blocking traffic, so other drivers avoided it, posing a danger to oncoming traffic.

– At first I thought the bus had just broken down. We went to the front door to ask if we should call a technical ambulance. We saw a young man inside beating the bus driver, shouting that he would take his life, and another trying to pull the strongly agitated attacker away – says Jacek Szostakiewicz from the 7th Field Department.

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While patrolling Praga-Południe, city guards witnessed a fight between a passenger and a bus driver.  The attacker also turned out to be aggressive towards them and the policemen he spit on.  At the police station, it turned out that the 22-year-old was wanted by uniformed officers in connection with robbery and property damage.  He is likely to be charged on Friday.

City guards noticed a bus blocking trafficSM Warsaw

An employee of the Municipal Bus Company managed to open the door of the vehicle, thanks to which the guards could intervene.

“The passenger did not respond to their commands. He attacked and insulted. A second patrol of the city guard arrived at the scene. The officers finally handcuffed the man, took him out of the bus and put him in the police car. He was still aggressive, he tried to demolish the interior of the vehicle by kicking the walls and doors Waiting for the arrival of the police patrol, the guards bandaged the bus driver” – describes the Warsaw City Guard.

– This man was so aggressive, as if he had taken some kind of stimulant. He spat on the policemen who approached the police car and opened the door of the transport compartment – adds Szostakiewicz.

He was wanted

The 22-year-old was taken to the police station wearing a hard hat and a straitjacket. On the spot, it was established that he was wanted in connection with robbery and property damage.

As reported by supercom. Joanna Węgrzyniak from the Warsaw VII District Police Headquarters, the man will remain in police custody until Friday, when he will probably hear charges. – For the time being, we are questioning the witnesses of the incident and waiting for the medical documentation of the victim, which will be assessed by an expert – he explains.

Main photo source: SM Warsaw

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