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Warsaw. Attack on the Western Railway Station. They threatened the man with a knife and took his luggage

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Police arrested four men suspected of armed robbery with a knife. The attackers attacked the 39-year-old at the West Railway Station. They took a travel bag and two carry-on bags from the man.

A frightened man ran up to the patrol that was on duty at the West Railway Station, who – as it turned out – had been attacked by four men a moment earlier. “The attackers threatened the 39-year-old with a knife, and then took a large travel bag and two handbags with documents and personal belongings from him” – described Edyta Adamus from the press team of the Warsaw Police Headquarters in a statement.

They arrested all four attackers

A police officer of the KSP Intelligence and Patrol Department together with a city guard went to the crime scene, in the meantime notifying the duty officer from the Ochota police station about the incident. Near the place where the incident took place, they noticed three men behaving suspiciously. It turned out that they attacked the victim. “Therefore, the policeman and the guard detained all three. The fourth attacker, who left the place where the robbery took place with the stolen bags, fell into the hands of a patrol from the Ochota police station,” Adamus said.

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She added that the injured 39-year-old recognized all the detainees. During the search, the police found a knife on one of them, which was most likely used by the attackers during the robbery. They also recovered all the bags belonging to the victim.

They were drunk

“The detained men, aged 22 to 46, were taken to the police station. As it turned out, they were all intoxicated. They had from 1.2 to 2.5 per mille of alcohol” – noted Adamus.

Detained after sobering up in the Warsaw-Ochota District Prosecutor’s Office, they heard charges of robbery with the use of a dangerous tool. The court, at the request of the prosecutor, temporarily arrested all four for three months.

Proceedings in this case are conducted by the Warsaw Ochota District Prosecutor’s Office.

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The 40-year-old was charged with robberyKRP VII

Main photo source: Albert Zawada / PAP

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